Roborock E20 Vs E25: The Ultimate Comparison

Robotic vacuums are getting great appreciation from the users so manufacturers are trying to create these vacuums with the different features to perfectly cater the needs of users. Multiple brands are serving in the market and their robotic vacuums are amazing no doubt but here you cannot overlook the name of Roborock.

Although this name is not so old in this industry but the work that it had performed in this field is worth praising. Its robotic vacuums are doing the best. There are multiple robotic vacuums of this brand that are known for their features and among these ones are the E20 and E25.People are often confused about these two so here we will make a comparison of Roborock E20 Vs E25 to clear the minds and thinking of the readers.

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Roborock E20 Vs E25 Comparison

1. Carpet Boosting Feature

Robotic vacuums are considered as an ideal choice of cleaning these days. This is so because they perform really well in comparison to the simple vacuums. And when we talk about robotic vacuums, other vacuums cannot divert our attention from the Roborock E20 and E25.

Roborock E20 is a 2 in 1 robotic vacuum that works as a carpet cleaner and a mop as well. This is great for cleaning your rugs and carpets and it has an ability to even clean the hard clumps of dirt.

On the other hand, there is E25 that offers the carpet boosting feature. It can detect carpets instantly and once the carpets are detected, it works really hard to suck the dirt, debris from the surface of every type of rug and carpet.

2. Difference of Colors

There are many people who are quite conscious about the color too of these robotic vacuums because they want a vacuum that would perfectly suit to their décor or interior. So here we can distinguish these two on the basis of color.

Roborock E20 is white whereas E25 is black and this is the key difference when we make a comparison of Roborock E20 Vs E25. So people who are quite concerned about the color matching, they can select between the two keeping in view the color scheme of their place.

3. Advantages And Disadvantages

Every robotic vacuum that is introduced in the market has its own distinguish advantages and the disadvantages. And same is the case with these two vacuums. Here we will compare the pros and cons in details to enhance the knowledge of readers.

Advantages of Roborock E20
  • In this vacuum, there are 13 sensors that enhance the cleaning ability of this product.
  • This robotic vacuum utilizes 1800 Pascals of power. So this is an efficient and strong cleaner.
  • It offers a large dust container.
  • Users can easily navigate this vacuum with the help of an app.
  • This is an ideal cleaner that greatly helps to pick pet hair.
  • It is really easy to empty and clean its dust container.
Disadvantages of Roborock E20
  • It is hard for this cleaner to detect the stairs.
Advantages of Roborock E25
  • This is an environment friendly vacuum cleaner.
  • This is a versatile and energy efficient product.
  • This is a suitable cleaner for day to day household cleaning.
  • It detects the carpets instantly and changes its setting according to the requirements of your rugs and carpets.
Disadvantages of Roborock E25
  • Its runtime is comparatively low.

4. Price

Price of a robotic vacuum also makes a huge difference for buyers. There are many people who love to buy a budget friendly cleaner for their homes or working place. So we can distinguish these two on the basis of price too. Roborock E20 is a bit inexpensive model in comparison to the E25. In actual there is not a huge difference in the features of these two products but price matters a lot at the time of comparison. So keeping in view the price factor, E20 has an edge over E25 as it is cheaper and offers almost the same features of E25.

5. Automatic Recharging

It is hard to differentiate these two cleaners on the basis of automatic recharging as both of the robotic vacuums offer the feature of automatic recharging. And they also share the almost same battery run time. So in this aspect both the products are equally good.

6. Runtime

Robotic vacuums are great products that offer ideal cleaning time to its users and it is a wise decision to observe the runtime of the cleaners before buying. But it would not be fair to compare E20 and E25 on the basis of runtime. This is so because both of the cleaners almost provide the same runtime that is of 100 minutes. So it is quite easy to clean your house or a big space in a single go. And the feature of automatic recharging also makes your cleaning task very easy. So this point equally goes in the favor of these two products.

Things to consider before buying a robotic vacuum

Robotic vacuums are definitely an ideal gadget of cleaning but before buying these vacuums you must consider the following points.

  • Interior of your home: Before buying a robotic vacuum, you have to consider the interior of your home. If you have pets in your home or the whole place is furnished with carpets then you can buy a robotic vacuum accordingly.
  • Battery runtime: Robotic vacuums are available with the different battery timings in the market. So always prefer a robotic vacuum that offers a higher runtime. Because a robotic vacuum with higher runtime makes your cleaning task easy and you can clean your house in a single go.
  • Budget: Every person has a specific budget for buying a cleaner. If your budget is high and you can afford a more versatile robotic vacuum, then you must go for it. But if your budget is low then you can compare and buy a vacuum that offers more features in low budget.
  • How often you need cleaning: This is another very important aspect that you need to consider before buying a robotic vacuum. If your cleaning requirements are limited and you need cleaning off and on then you can select a normal robotic cleaner with few features but if your requirement are high then  you should consider a more smart and intelligent robotic vacuum.

What Are The Key Advantages of a Robotic Vacuum

Cleaning of house or a big place is really a tough task and there are many people who are just afraid of cleaning on daily basis. But a big thanks to the people who invented a vacuum cleaner for the ease of people.

Over the years, a lot of features have been introduced in the cleaner but the invention of robotic vacuums has truly revolutionized the cleaning industry. They are awesome because they have some worth mentioning benefits which are as follow,

  • Robotic vacuums help to save your time and energy. This is so because once you have set your robotic vacuum, then it will perform the cleaning itself. Your hands are free so you can spend your time in doing something else that is of more importance. So you can save your time easily.
  • Dirty or polluted environment may cause harm to your body so robotic vacuum greatly help to clean your indoor environment by removing stains and marks from your floor and by cleaning the environment of your home. On the other hand, if have some kind of mobility issue and it is difficult for you to move around for cleaning, these cleaners prove very beneficial for you. So in this way you may remain healthy and enjoy your life.
  • These robotic vacuums are the smarter cleaners that can detect the different surfaces easily and they can adjust the setting automatically according the cleaning surface. They can handle the cleaning tasks accurately.
  • The most promising advantage of these vacuums is that they are much quieter products in comparison to the traditional ones. People having small babies or elderly people can easily use these robotic vacuums because they do not create much noise and your babies and elderly people do not feel disturbed at the time of sleeping.
  • Last but not the least is that these robotic vacuums can be utilized with the help of a mobile app. Even when you are not at home and want a clean house before coming back to home, you can operate these vacuums with the help of a mobile app. This robotic vacuum will work efficiently even in your absence too.

Are the e20 and e25 roborock the same

The Roborock E20 and E25 are two of the most popular robotic vacuums on the market. They both feature a number of similar features, but there are also some significant differences between them. The main difference between the two models is that the E25 has more advanced sensors and motors, which makes it better at cleaning hard floors. However, if you’re just looking for a basic robotic vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use, the E20 is definitely worth considering.

Does roborock e25 have mapping

Yes, the Roborock E25 has mapping capabilities. It can identify obstacles in its path and maneuver around them accordingly. This is a great feature for tight spaces or if you want to avoid certain areas.


There are so many similarities between the two and it is hard to say that which one is the best while comparing the Roborock E20 Vs E25. Both are the equally efficient product. So it depends on your budget and the choice of color that you want. If your budget is a bit low then you can go for E20 and if you are making a selection, on the basis of color then you can select whatever you like or think will go well with your décor.


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