Best Massage Chair for Tall Person Reviews 2023

Being a tall person myself, it would not be wrong to say that tall people needs are bit different from others like they need extra large clothes, big sizes in shoes etc and same is the case with massage chairs. Across the globe, it is observed that tall people are more prone to vertebrate problems as compared to the short or normal height people. That is why tall people need a special or long track massage chair that could accommodate their tall height. To address this problem, manufacturers have introduced plenty of the best massage chairs for tall person in the market so users can select a right massage chair according to their height.

6 Best Massage Chairs for Tall People Review

Now we will review the features of some message chairs that have been specially designed for tall people.

1. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Massage greatly helps to relax your mind and body and massage chairs are specifically designed around the body relaxing technology. Among the well known massage chairs for tall person how can we overlook the name of real relax massage chair. This is an amazing chair that provides full body massage with its exceptional technology.

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

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There are 8 massage back rollers that help to provide a thorough massage facility and 50 airbags have been placed all over the chair like they are present in hips, calves, feet, arms and shoulders. Once you press the zero gravity button, you immediately start to realize that there is no pressure on your body. It is not an uphill task to assemble the Real Relax massage chair, juts take the parts out and within few minutes it is all ready for use. You can enjoy nonstop up to 30-minute massage with the help of different manual programs.

Big thanks to Real Relax massage chair that allows you to adjust the speed of roller. So if you cannot bear the intense massage, you can change its setting and enjoy the mild one.Overall this is a good massage chair that is attracting the attention of people especially the tall ones.


  • A good massage chair with eight fixed massage points that greatly helps to remove the back ache problems.
  • You can feel even more relaxed by adding the feature of vibration in your hip massage.
  • Availability of so many features at such a reasonable price really convinces people to buy this chair for massage.


  • Short heighted people may not enjoy the message fully because they find it difficult to align their shoulders against the massage points.

2. Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair

Kahuna SM-7300 is just an excellent massage chair that can be utilized by any person of any age group but especially it is a useful chair for tall persons. It can accommodate up to 6.5ft tall and up to 320 lbs heavier people easily. Kahuna manufacturers are known in the industry for designing the best massage chairs due to the two key reasons like one they provide plenty of models in massage chairs and secondly their body stretching programs provide great massage therapy to the users.

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

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When we look at the features of Kahuna SM-7300, we cannot hold our tongues from praising this product due to availability of multiple features. This product comes with a hybrid L/S track and it has been built around space saving technology. Currently when other manufacturers are offering Quad rollers in massage chairs, this model offers 6 roller array that is much appreciated.

Feature of Zero-G seating along with lumbar heating system is also remarkable. Frankly speaking, these types of features are generally available in the high-end or top notch massage chairs that are quite expensive too but Kahuna SM-7300 is a great product in a reasonable price that really impresses its users. Advantages of this chair will let you know that why this is the best massage chair for tall person.


  • This is an amazing massage chair that starts massaging process from your neck and it goes to your lower back, buttocks and thighs. Its 6 roller system effectively performs this duty.
  • Space saving technology makes this product more useful.
  • LED light design, Zero-G positioning, heating therapy and adjustment for taller and wider body sizes are other key features of this product.


  • Its only drawback is the price.

3. Apex AP-Aurora

Apex AP-Aurora is an amazing message chair for tall people that you will find at more reasonable rates in the market. This product offers so many high end features in a single package. And you will be definitely amazed to know that it offers a hybrid L/S track that facilitates the rollers to massage the hips and thigh area too along the regular massaging parts.

Apex AP-Aurora (Black)

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Finding of this rare feature in such a budget- friendly massage chair is a real treat for tall people. This is a high quality massage chair that conducts a body scan when you sit on it. Keeping in view your weight and pressure points messaging therapy is provided.

Apex is a low cost chair that has been integrated with zero gravity positioning which means that user’s knees are positioned in a way that all the user weight is on the chair. This weight helps to put pressure on the rollers and rollers provide the better message therapy in this way.

People who have used this massage chair, they claim that it is the best chair as it offers two heating pads at the lumbar area for heat therapy and leg extensions allow the tall people to easily adjust their legs on this chair.


  • This is an amazing message chair that offers so many features in a reasonable price.
  • It provides excellent message experience with the zero gravity positioning.


  • Well it has just one drawback. It lacks customization massage feature.

4. Apex APPROLOTUSA Model AP-Pro Lotus Massage Chair 

Well when we talk about the message chairs for tall people, we cannot overlook the name of Apex AP-Lotus electric full body massage chair because of its exceptional therapeutic benefits. This cost-effective message chair provides an ideal solution for body pains and the hobbyists like to enjoy the message from this chair due to its blue tooth connectivity feature. You can play your track list while having massage and in this way, you can relax your mind too.

Apex AP-Lotus Electric Full Body Massage Chair

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This chair has been designed around space saving technology and its Zero gravity positioning makes this product more useful as there is no pressure on the body of user. This product comes with 7 pre-installed or auto set programs and its unique roller provides deep massage to the stiff tissues.

While sitting on the chair, it is quite easy to control this chair with the help of a remote. The feature of computerized body scan is worth mentioning here as it conducts the body scan of every individual and provides customized massage according to the body needs of every individual. Tall people can easily enjoy their full back massage and its heating therapy can work wonders for back pain problems in real times.


  • Its 3D/4D massage roller technology provides deep tissue massage to the users.
  • Features like Negative Oxygen Ion Ionizer, space saving technology, zero gravity positioning and full body scans make this product more useful in comparison to the other models.


  • This is a great message chair but it offers limited number of airbags that is the main drawback.
  • Some people do not like its deep or intense tissue message.

5. Apex AP-Pro Regent Ultra Advanced Massage Chair

Tall people always like the smart message chairs that could ideally accommodate their heights and provide them an amazing massage facility. And Apex APPROREGENT Regent is a chair that can fulfill all your expectations regarding message therapy. This product utilizes 4D real message technology and it provides a great message experience to the users from start to finish.

Apex APPROREGENTC Model AP-Pro Regent Ultra Advanced Massage Chair

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This chair has won the title of excellent message chair and if you are a tall one then you will not find a better model than this in the market. Apex APPROREGENT Regent provides you a user-friendly interface on keypad where you can quickly select the options. Heated foot massage greatly helps to relax your foot after shopping too. Generally tall people prefer this chair, because it offers adjustable foot extension and its 9 manual message techniques are just awesome.

This chair is an absolute master piece with multiple memory massage programs. Real body scan procedure is conducted when you sit on the chair and according to the weight and height massaging services are availed by everyone. Not only tall people but it is liked by people of every age-group.


  • Ultra advanced massage chair that is the first preference of tall people.
  • This chair provides exceptional message experience with 9 manual massage techniques, heated foot message, 31 air massage bladders, memory massage programs etc.


This product lacks some features that get some thumbs down for this chair.

  • It lacks zero gravity positioning.
  • There are no foot rollers.

6. Cozzia 16028 Shiatsu Massage Chair

Cozzia 16028 Shiatsu is an ideal massage chair for 6.4’’ tall people. In a reasonable price, this product offers the features of a high-end message chair and it is a medically recommended product for the tall people who suffer from the chronic lower back pain problem.

Cozzia 16028 Feel Good Series Shiatsu Massage Chair

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Cozzia 16028 Shiatsu facilitates its users with some breath taking therapeutic features like it offers body stretching program that proves very handy for users. This product comes with 5 pre-installed programs but users can customize these programs according to their body needs. Intensity, speed and strength can be adjusted by every individual easily. People are amazed with its zero gravity positioning because this feature greatly enhances the massage effectiveness of this chair.

When you sit on the chair, it conducts a scan of your body to figure out your actual height and then adjusts the message according to your spinal bone. In this chair, the feature of built-in message vibration has been introduced and black synthetic leather finish enhances the feature of durability of this product. Some people feel sleepy during message so they can sleep easily as automatic shut off system will stop the chair after the completion of massage timings. Well it is a good chair that can make your day.


  • A good message chair that offers so many therapeutic features in a reasonable package.
  • A preferable choice of tall persons because it scans the height first and then provides customized massage services.


  • This chair offers just S-track for messaging that is a standard one but other chairs come with L-S track that is much appreciated.

How Massage Chairs Help Tall People to Ease Their Lives?

As we said earlier, it is a universal truth that the needs of tall people are generally different from the common people. They need extra sizes almost in everything like from shoes to clothes, beds and chairs and even they need a massage chair with long track too that could accommodate their height easily. So keeping in view the height issue of tall people manufacturers try to design those chairs that offer large track for massage.

It is a also a fact that tall people are more vulnerable to back pain problems rather than the normal height people. So these chairs provide them an ideal solution of their back ache at the comfort of their home. Once you avail this chair at your home then you will observe that it proves very beneficial for you from different aspects.

  • Helps to relax muscles: Issue of back pain arises actually when your back muscles get too stiff and they are running short of the supply of oxygen. So when you use a massage chair, it helps to relax your muscles. When muscles are relaxed, the blood circulation increase and supply of oxygen gets improved too. In this way, back ache issue can be resolved to a great extent.
  • Improves the quality of your sleep: When you constantly experience back ache issues, you cannot sleep properly due to the restlessness. Massage chairs greatly help to resolve this issue by the way of relaxing your body and providing relief to your pain. Thus you can sleep well.
  • Relax your mind: When you sit on a massage chair and spend some quality time for yourself only, it greatly relaxes your mind. After massage, you feel fresh and your creativity enhances too.

How Often Should Use Message Chairs?

Massage chairs are an effective tool of addressing so many body ailments like they provide relief to you lower back pain, increase your blood circulation etc. All over the world, doctors are well aware of the massage therapy and they recommend the use of massage chairs to the people of every group age. But it is also a matter of fact that access of everything is always bad. Massage chairs are good and they provide relief to your body but it’s too much use can also cause problem.

There are many people who will claim that they can spend a whole day by relaxing at their massage chair but is very dangerous. There are massage rollers in the chair that apply force on your pressure points to provide relief to your stiff muscles. But in case of access massage, your stiff muscles may get pressed too much that they can cause inflammation to your body tissues and situation can worse for you.

So it is always recommended that the massage chair must be utilized after proper interval and you can enjoy up to 15 minute massage in one round. This is ideal massage timing as it helps you to greatly experience the benefits of massage. Your neck, shoulder and back muscles will be fully relaxed once you have a massage session.

There are many people who also ask about the frequency of using the massage chairs in a week. So people having neck shoulder or back pain problems should get massage therapy 3 to 4 times in a week and remember the sessions must be up to 15 minutes long.

In this way, massage therapy will prove very effective for you and help you to resolve your issues. On the other hand, people who use massage chairs to relax their mind and body; they can use it 1 to 3 times in a week for better results.

What Are The Pitfalls or Disadvantage of Massage Chairs?

Ans. Well, almost everyone is aware of the benefits of a massage chair and they are really helpful too in many ways but users need to understand that these chairs have some pitfalls too. Pitfall here means disadvantages. Yes, you heard right word. Actually there is a general perception that massage chair can only prove beneficial but this is not right. Massage chairs can even create some problems for you. Now get into this discussion for the proper understanding of readers.

  • Excess use create problem: There are many people who are used to get massage therapy on daily basis after regular intervals. They consider that this is good and there is no limitation of using these massage chairs but they are wrong.As we all know that excess of everything is bad so same is the case with massage chairs. Too much pressure on your muscles can cause damage and you may experience inflammation in your tissues.
  • Limited function: This is another common drawback of massage chairs. Most of the massage chairs do not touch all those spots where massaging is required. Those parts of body remain untouched and your problem remains the same. So it is better to visit a therapist instead of using a massage chair at home.
  • Need reasonable space at your home or office: Massage chairs are generally big. They need proper space at your home or office. So, people who have enough space at their homes or places, they can think to buy it.
  • They are expensive: It is another fact that massage chairs are expensive. Although the high-end chairs are too much expensive and you can buy a normal one but it can also cost you a reasonable amount. So you have to think carefully while making an investment in this chair.
  • Difficult to move: As we said earlier, massage chairs are bulky or heavy so it is very difficult to move these chairs from one place to another.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Massage Chair For Tall Person

It is important to know that what features a massage chair for tall person must have when you are going to buy one for yourself as a tall person. Here are few recommendations given below to make job easy and right for you.

Body scanning

First of all, if you are a tall person with big body, you should look for a massage chair that can scan your body type and then provide a massage accordingly. These chairs usually have built in scanning technology controlled by computers which sense your height and weight when you sit on chair and then accordingly provide massage.

Extendable foot rest

This is another important point for tall people to look for while making their purchase. As tall people usually have long legs so it is better if your massage chair has extendable foot rest as it will allow you to extend your legs in a comfortable manner and get foot and calf muscle massage.

Long massage track

It has been observed through the research that tall people tend to have back or spine problems and they need regular massage to comfort their backs. This is why, it is very important that when you are buying chair for tall people, make sure that the massage track is long to complement your back fully. Minimum 27 inches long massage track is recommended for tall persons.

Another important feature while buying a massage chair is that you not only consider your height but also size and make sure that your chair comes with air bags for hips and shoulders. You should also make sure that there is enough space for you to sit to completely relax your body. Hope this guide helps you making right decision while buying a massage chair.

Frequently Asked Question

do doctors recommend massage chairs

There is a lot of debate on whether or not doctors recommend massage chairs for tall people. Some say that the chairs can help reduce back pain, while others claim that the chairs are not effective and can actually cause more problems. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide if they think the chair is a good option for them.

Doctors typically recommend massage chairs for people who are taller than average. This is because massage chairs are specifically designed to accommodate taller people and provide them with the best possible massage experience.

can massage chairs be harmful

There is some debate over whether massage chairs can be harmful to people of taller stature. Some people believe that the pressure exerted on the spine from a massage chair can cause pain and even spinal cord compression. Others argue that people of taller stature need more pressure to achieve relief, and that the increased height of a massage chair provides just that. The best way to find out whether a massage chair is right for you is to try it out and see what feels best.

is sitting in a massage chair good for you

when it comes to whether or not sitting in a massage chair is good for you. Some people find it relaxing and therapeutic, while others find it uncomfortable and tiring. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking for a way to ease tension and stress, a massage chair may be a good option for you. However, if you’re not comfortable sitting in one, you may want to consider other forms of massage.

can i use massage chair everyday

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the amount of relief you experience from using a massage chair will vary depending on your body type and size. However, many people find that using a massage chair on a regular basis can help to relieve tension headaches, neck pain, and other forms of pain.


In short, massage chairs are not only beneficial for tall people but also people of any age group can use these chairs to get benefits. But always remember that never utilize a massage chair too much as it can cause damage to your body too.

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