Best KILLABEE gaming chair review

It is always a hard task to find a massage gaming chair that can provide relief to your body like a sofa. Plenty of brands are working in the market to facilitate its users to the fullest. Among the well known brands, we have often heard the name of KILLABEE. It has introduced a variety of massage gaming chairs that can cater the needs of almost every type of person like tall, small, healthy etc people.

This is a well established brand and it started its career in 2011 as an office chair brand but it marked a higher place in market when it started to sell the cheapest gaming chair with foot rest. KILLABEE is offering so many massage gaming chairs that are awesome in their features. But here we will review only two chairs of KILLABEE that are the talk of town these days.

KILLABEE Gaming Chair Review

1. KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair is an ideal massage gaming chair with the multiple functions. This chair features a USB electric massager that effectively helps to remove your fatigue during the gaming sessions. Height and back angle can be adjusted easily and it can recline up to 155 degrees.

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb

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The good thing about this reclining feature is that it offers a reclining locking system so once you have set the angle at a certain position then you can lock it to save your position. Its retractable padded footrest is just awesome that provide great comfort to its users.

This is an amazing chair that is made of premium PU leather and its memory foam padding is also very good that makes your whole sitting experience very memorable. Arms are adjustable and padded headrest can be adjusted too to make you relax and comfortable.

This chair offers extra high backrest to save you from neck and spinal discomfort. This chair has been built around a heavy duty metallic base so it helps to keep you in a balanced position all the time. The weight of KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair is 56.9 pounds and the other dimensions of this chair are 22.4*27.6*49.6 inches.


  • This is a 360 swivel chair that allows you to adjust this chair in the exact angle of your sitting posture and thus saves your body from spinal and back ache.
  • High or premium quality PU leather is used in its making that enhances the expected life of this chair.
  • This is an affordable chair with the great USB electric massager that offers great massaging facility during your whole gaming session.
  • This chair comes with a heavy frame so it greatly helps to support and balance the weight of people during the use of this chair.


  • The wheels of this chair do not move properly on the carpet or the other soft surfaces.
  • Some people complain that cushioning is so soft and sometimes this soft cushioning irritates.

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2. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair High Back PU Leather

This is another good massage gaming chair that belongs to KILLABEE series. This is an ergonomically designed massage chair that facilitates its users with extra high back rest and its retractable footrest provides great comfort to the people.

It offers very comfy seating and its adjusting system is also very good. This is an ideal chair not only for gaming but also it can be used as an office chair or at homes for relaxing.

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

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This KILLABEE chair offers extra soft yet thick seat cushioning with the multiple adjustments of back, arm and headrests to completely support the sitting posture of the users and thus it helps to avoid the spinal and back aches easily. Lumber cushion is also adjustable and this cushion with the help of electric USB massager helps to protect the user body from fatigue and takes your massaging experience to the luxurious level.

Its 360 swivel and reclining system is also worth mentioning here as it greatly supports your angle and you can easily set this chair at an angle that makes you more comfortable. The weight of KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair High Back PU Leather is 55 pounds and the other dimensions of this chair are 26*26*51.2 inches. This is a high quality chair that features very smooth rolling casters. PU leather material enhances the feature of durability of this chair and it does not fade away soon.

Multiple adjustments like armrest, back rest, head rest, retractable footrest and lumbar cushion make it an ideal chair for users. Its high quality integrated frame helps a lot to keep you balanced on this chair. This chair is good enough to cater a wide range of people with multiple weights.


  • This chair is available in three different colors so you can select according to the interior of your place.
  • This chair has a sturdy steal frame that enhances the feature of durability of this chair.
  • This chair offers a very stylish design that can easily fit to any interior.
  • Its armrests are removable.
  • Reclining system is great so you can easily adjust this chair according to your comfort level.


  • This chair does not offer a rocking feature.
  • Some users complain about its assembling. They say that it is tricky to assemble this chair.

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What to Know Before Buying KILLABEE Gaming Chair

Well, it has been a difficult task for everyone to select a right massage gaming chair. People are often confused at the time of buying a massage gaming chair because they do not actually understand that what are the key characteristics or features that they should look for while buying.

So this article will truly solve your problem. In this buying guide, you will know that what you should look for while buying a chair.

Weight and size of the chair

The most important thing that you need to consider first of all is the size and weight of the chair. A heavy chair that is hard to drag or move can create problems for you. Second thing is the size of chair. A chair that fits to your space is always a right choice. Too big or too small chair is not an ideal one.


You must be conscious about the material of chair before buying. A chair with good quality material will definitely last longer and it will make your investment worth praising. Chairs with PU leather material and heavy duty base are considered as ideal ones for use. So be wise while buying.


Budget also plays a pivotal role at the time of selection. First decide what is your budget? Do you afford a high price chair with more innovative features or your budget is low and you cannot go for higher features. So if you can afford then you must select a chair with good features otherwise you can compromise on some of the elements.


Some people are conscious about color scheme or the interior of their gaming place. They need perfect matching so if you are among those people then you can select a chair on the basis of its color too. So it depends on your liking.

Headrest and lumbar support

This is another key feature that you must be considered while buying a massage gaming chair. Head rest and lumbar support are the two supports that take your gaming experience to another level. In some chairs, headrests and pillows are removable so you can adjust it according to your comfort level.

Rocking and tilting

Well among other important points, rocking and tilting must be considered too. For the sake of optimal relaxation tilting and rocking feature is considered. There are some chairs that offer very small tilting angle but there are many that offer good tilting angle. So the choice is yours.

360 degree swivel

If you talk about the mobility and flexibility during gaming sessions then the feature of 360 degree swivel matters a lot. With the help of this feature, you can access the things while sitting on your chair.


A chair with footrest is always an ideal choice as it allows you to keep your feet comfortably on a place and it definitely adds comfort to your sitting posture.


Adjustments allow you to set your chair according to your desires. A chair that provides good adjustments of arm rests, head rest and foot rests is the suitable one and you must prefer such chair with adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the killabee a good gaming chair

Yes, The killabee is a comfortable and affordable gaming chair that is perfect for anyone looking for a gaming chair that will provide them with hours of comfortable gameplay. It has a durable construction that is sure to last through many seasons of gaming, and it comes with a variety of customization options to make it just the right fit for your needs. Overall, the killabee is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality gaming chair at an affordable price.

Why does my killabee gaming chair squeak

There are a few reasons why your killabee gaming chair might squeak. The most common culprit is the padding. Over time, the padding can become worn and loose, which will cause the chair to make noise when you sit in it. It’s also possible that the screws that hold the padding in place have become loose, which will cause it to move around as you sit in it. If you’re experiencing recurring squeaks, it might be helpful to have your chair serviced by a professional technician to ensure that all of the screws are properly tightened and that the padding is properly installed.

Can you use a gaming chair for office

A gaming chair is a great choice for an office because it is comfortable and can help you stay active while you work. Many gaming chairs have adjustments that allow them to be customized to fit different body types, so they are comfortable for everyone in the office.

Are gaming chairs good for home office

Yes, Gaming chairs are typically not made for use in an office setting, but they can be if they are properly designed. A good gaming chair should have a comfortable seat, good back support, and adjustable arms and legs. It should also be able to move easily and pivot so that you can change your position. Some gaming chairs even have built-in speakers and screens so you can watch your favorite games while you sit in comfort.

The Verdict

Whenever you are doing market research for finding Killabee gaming chair, it is important that you consider all above mentioned points well. It will not only make your life easier but it will also help you with right choice that will end up saving you money.

You should make sure that the Killabee gaming chair you are buying is adjustable and extremely comfortable as you are going to spend many hours sitting on it to play various games.

Lumber support and height adjustment features are the most crucial ones to look for in a gaming chair for not compromising your health.

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