What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use

Well fellas there are so many people who are still unaware of the personality of Shroud. They do not know that who he is and where does he belong to? Well, as far as the personality is concerned, he is a Canadian gamer who was born on 2nd June 1994 and he set his place in the gaming world by making the record debut on Cloud 9 CSGO.

And it would not be wrong to say that since then millions of gamers are the diehard fan of this personality.

Shroud is a man who is known for his great gaming experience and he plays like a pro. In 2019 he decided to jump from Twitch to the Mixer.

As we all know that Mixer is a great streaming platform that is run by Microsoft.

Shroud Gaming Chair

He is such an amazing gaming personality and people do not only try to mimic his gaming style but also his intuitions are discussed and liked by the people.

Fans like his gaming gear and they also keep an eye even on the gaming chair that he uses to play the games. So these days his gaming chair is the talk of the town.

[June 22, 2020 at 3:51:04 PM UTC+5] sana sharjeel ([email protected]): He spends 10 hours in a day on games and he is a source of inspiration for so many gamers.

[June 22, 2020 at 3:57:01 PM UTC+5] sana sharjeel ([email protected]): As we all know that gaming chairs play a key role in the whole gaming sessions. A good gaming chair helps to maintain your posture and balance during game.

So it is necessary to have a comfortable gaming chair for maintaining your attention in your game otherwise you may feel as sleep and you will not enjoy your play time.

And in case of Shroud, it is obvious that he uses a very comfortable chair that keeps him relaxed and happy during the whole gaming sessions. Now the question arises that what gaming chair does Shroud use?

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair

Aeron chair is a true master piece of Herman Miller that is the specimen of true craftsmanship. This chair has been designed after putting into practice the twenty years of research on sitting and all the advancements and technologies in material and manufacturing has been utilized to provide to the comfortable sitting experience to the users.

Herman Miller Aeron

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This ergonomic Aeron office chair features 8 Z pellicle elastomeric suspension seating and there are 8 latitudinal zones too that are of varying tension and they support your sitting properly when you use this chair.

These 8 pellicles have also been designed to pass through the heat during your sitting sessions and they also help to maintain your body temperature too. To fit the size of every person, this chair comes in three sizes that are A, B and C.

This is an ergonomically designed chair that weighs 39 pounds. The other dimensions of this chair are 18.5*28.25*43 inches.


  • Ergonomic design is the prominent feature of this chair.
  • Breathable 8 Z pellicle seating is great as it helps to pass through heating during use.
  • Adjustable Posture Fit SL technology is so good.
  • Available in three sizes so everyone can get a suitable chair according to his size.


  • This is a very good chair that has no con at all except prize. This is a high price chair that cost much in comparison to the other brand chairs available in the market.

Chair used by Shroud for gaming

Shroud is a personality that is liked by the gamers most. So they also try to follow his gaming style and gaming gear and even they keep an eye on his gaming chair too. When we talk about the current trend, now a day Shroud has updated his gaming chair.

He is using Aeron gaming chair that belongs to Herman Miller. Previously, Maxnomic 9 pro was under his use. And fans are really discussing his chair.

Key characteristics of Shrouds new chair

As we said earlier, people are discussing about the new chair of Shroud. Well if we look at this chair, there are many who will say that it is less attractive and striking as compared to his old chair.

The old chair was more appealing and stylish. But as far as this new chair is concerned, it is simple and less striking.

But definitely it has some worth mentioning characteristic or benefits that are liked by Shroud and he decided to change his chair. This is an ergonomically designed chair that has some key characteristics which are as follow,

  • First of all, this chair features pellicle mesh that ensures that the gamer will have a comfortable and relaxing gaming sessions.
  • In this chair, Posture Fit SL technology has been introduced to reduce the risk of back ache.
  • Whatever position you like to sit, its automatic reclining feature supports your sitting posture.
  • It is available in 3 different sizes.
  • Black color looks elegant and classy.
  • This chair offers personalized comfort feature with the help of various adjustments.

Simple yet elegant and minimal design provides all the comfort that Shroud need for his gaming sessions so that is why he is using this chair now.

Cost of Shroud chair

Now the question arises that what is the cost of this chair and does this chair worth buying? And the answer is yes if you prefer comfort in sitting above all the things. This is a versatile chair as it offers multiple customization options that no other chair will provide you.

The lay out, the material and adjustment facilities all are present in this chair except the extra foamy sitting. Its tilting abilities and spinal support are just awesome. Now talk about its cost. Shroud is definitely a rich man who can spend a lot on buying a chair.

Whatever the size you select even the smallest one, the cost remains the same. And if you need more customized features, they will definitely charge extra money from you.

Where to get this chair

Shroud fans will definitely like to know that from where they can get this chair. So let us talk about some retailers that can serve you in a better way if you are really interested in buying this chair.

  • Herman Miller: As we know that Herman Miller is the manufacturer of this Aeron chair so you can definitely buy this chair from the official website of Herman Miller. You can search it on internet and you can directly order this chair from their website.
  • Madison Seating: Madison Seating is another good resource for buying Herman Miller chairs. They keep all the sizes available for the convenience of their buyers. Other than chairs much other stuff like sofas, bedding, dining and living room furniture is available there.
  • Amazon: As we all know that Amazon is a retail giant so it also deals with Herman Miller chairs. Aeron chair is available on Amazon but you will find it only in graphite or black on Amazon. Amazon is a great place for buying as you can even order a used Aeron chair too if you want to save some money.

Is Shroud chair worth buying

There are many people who must be constantly thinking that whether they should buy a chair like Shroud or not? As far as my opinion is concerned, I would definitely advocate the buying of this chair because of its adjustment abilities and comfort.

Although price is holding back so many people from buying this chair but here I would discuss some reasons that will explain that why you should definitely buy this Aeron chair.

  • Herman Miller is serving from decades to its users with the excellent products and Aeron is among one of the best chairs in town.
  • This is a very comfy chair and you can spend hours on your gaming sessions without bothering any spinal pain. It supports your back and sitting posture fully.
  • You feel so comfortable when you are at this chair.
  • As far as, durability is concerned then at this point Herman Miller has an edge over other brands. It’s all the products including this Aeron chair are quite durable. Quality of craftsmanship in this Aeron chair is awesome. So it would not be a wrong choice if you are thinking to buy this chair.

So overall it is a worth buying chair. Although pricing is an issue but if you can afford and comfort is your ultimate choice then chair that is used by Shroud is the excellent choice for you.

Till now we have explored that why Shroud’s Aeron chair is so much in light among fans. But now we will see the proper review of this Herman Miller office chair for the more understanding of our readers.

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