Best Saddle Chair For Dental Hygienist Review in 2022

Job of a dental hygienist is not easy. They need to spend longer hours on their chairs to cater the issues of their patients. So they definitely need a chair that could ease their time of sitting on these chairs. That is why there is a need of an appropriate saddle chair for the dental hygienist. A comfortable saddle chair for dental hygienist does not only make sitting experience comfortable but also it helps you to devote more attention to your patient’s problems.

In market, there is a huge variety of saddle chairs and definitely every chair promises a bit different features from the others. In this article, we are going to review some best saddle chairs for the understanding of our readers and these reviews will definitely enhance your knowledge regarding these chairs.

Best Saddle Chair For Dental Hygienist

1. Saddle Stool Rolling Chair for Medical Massage Salon Kitchen Spa Drafting

Well it would not be wrong to say that Saddle stool rolling chair is an ideal product for the dental hygienist. This is so because it is an ergonomically designed dental chair that provides ultimate comfort to its users. This chair supports your spine and back fully and makes it sure that your whole sitting experience would be trouble free. It does not put any pressure on your back.

Saddle Stool Rolling Chair

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When we talk about the cushion of this stool, we come to know that it is a bit sturdy and thick as compared to the conventional chairs. This cushioning allows you to sit comfortably for the longer period of time. Another good thing is the rotating wheels. This saddle chair allows you to roll easily or freely in your room. This chair is also very ideal for kitchen, offices, clinic, living rooms, salons etc.

This is a durable chair because it offers sturdy steal base that does not get damaged easily like the chairs that come with plastic base. Strong steal base can also bear more weights. The weight capacity of this chair is 400 lbs. The weight of Saddle stool rolling product is 12.82 pounds and the other dimensions of this chair are 1*1*1. This chair is almost 4 inches taller when it is compared with other stools. Height is also adjustable.


  • This is a durable dental stool that provides ultimate comfort.
  • Height can be adjusted easily from 21 inches to 28 inches.


  • There is no such con.

2. DR.LOMILOMI Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Hygienic Clinic Spa Massage Stool Chair 506

This chair brings the ultimate comfy sitting experience for its users. Sitting in a routine for longer hours might be difficult for dental hygienists but in case of this stool, you will forget all the back pain that is just because of a poor chair. This chair puts no pressure on your spine and helps to relieve any pain that is caused by your sitting routine.

DR.LOMILOMI Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Hygienic Clinic

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The most promising feature of this dental chair is the medical-grade cushioning. Top quality foam that meets the medical standard, greatly helps to make your sitting experience the best for you. This highly durable chair is oil and water resistant so you can use it without any fear of getting damaged.

Vinyl leather upholstery is abrasion-resistant so longevity is guaranteed. You can perfectly set the height of this stool by slightly lifting the side lever. Its top class hydraulic system provides safety and you can use it for longer time period.

The weight of this chair is 11 pounds and dimensions of this chair are 14*15*25 inches. This chair comes with the deluxe wheel casters so it makes the rolling of the chair trouble or barrier free. Its base is composed of light weight aluminum but it is strong enough to support human weight.


  • A good dental chair with the 400 lbs weight capacity.
  • Durable chair that makes your investment long lasting.
  • Easy to move on any surface because of its deluxe wheel casters.
  • Height adjustments are really easy.
  • Ergonomic design really makes this chair comfortable for the users.


  • No con has been reported by users for this chair.

3. Kaleurrier Saddle Stool Rolling Swivel Height Adjustable with Wheels

This is an ergonomically designed dental chair that supports your posture fully and it does not put any stress on your spine and back. It greatly helps to prevent neck and back ache. This chair takes your sitting experience to another level and makes you feel so comfortable that you do not feel any problem even after spending longer hours on this stool.

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This is a heavy duty saddle stool that is made of superior and heavy material. This well designed stool is strong and sturdy and of course it is durable too. The weight bearing capacity of this stool is 350 lbs. This chair offers the feature of anti-exploding plate that is made of iron so it makes sure the safety of the seat.

This is basically a hydraulic saddle stool that allows the height adjustment without any trouble. Height can be adjusted from 22 inches to 30 inches. Kaleurrier Saddle Stool comes with a nylon twin wheels so it is really easy to roll or move this chair in the room. The weight of this dental chair is 12 pounds. The other dimensions of this chair are 20.5*20.5*22 inches.


  • It is an easy to install chair that requires no tool for installation.
  • It can be moved on hard and soft floors without any trouble.
  • Supports your posture fully and helps to avoid neck and back ache.
  • Highly durable product.


  • Some users’ complaint that its wheels do not rotate properly when it is used by some heavy person.

4. FRNIAMC Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Adjustable Heavy-Duty (350 lbs ) Stool Chair

This chair has been designed to correct the back posture of users. Its ergonomic saddle shaped design of seat makes sure that the users will sit in a correct posture and there will be no pressure on their backs.

FRNIAMC Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Adjustable, Heavy-Duty (350 lbs ) Stool Chair

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Not only back but also it helps to relieve the stress of your neck and provides you great comfort when you have to sit for longer hours. Height adjustment is also very easy and this chair is taller than most of the other saddle stools and chairs available in the market. It can be adjusted from 20 to 29.5 inches. 

FRNIAMC Ergonomic Saddle Stool is a well constructed product with the load capacity of 350 lbs. It is also very easy to drag or roll this chair because this chair has 5 caster wheels that really help to move this chair on any surface. Sturdy aluminum legs greatly support your weight on this chair. The weight of this great saddle chair is 23.05 pounds and the other dimensions of this product are 24*23.4*10 inches. 


  • Such a comfortable chair that saves you from fatigue during work due to your correct posture.
  • Sturdy frame makes this chair more durable.
  • Easy to roll on any type of surface.
  • This chair is taller than most of other saddle seats.
  • Noise free rolling is great.


  • Overall this is a good chair but weight capacity is a bit low. But it is not an issue usually for many users.

5. Jobri Better Posture Saddle Chair

This saddle chair is amazing as it gives you the waterfall effect. Waterfall effect means that your legs are naturally hanged from the stool when you are sitting on this stool. In this way, there is no pressure on your legs and thighs and blood circulation to your lower legs also improves. This chair has been designed with an easy to clean material and it is also very durable.

Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair

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The key feature of Jobri Better Posture Saddle Chair is the gas lift height adjustment. Seat is easily adjustable from 21 inches to 28 inches. Five point aluminum base is not only strong and sturdy but also it helps to evenly distribute the weight of people on the chair.

This chair allows an easy and noise-free rolling on any type of surface and even you can roll it on the carpet without any trouble. This is a long lasting chair as its body or frame is manufactured from high quality steel. This chair can support human weight up to 250 lbs. The weight of Jobri Better Posture Saddle Chair is 17.5 pounds and other dimensions of this chair are 25*14*28 inches.


  • Innovative design that really helps to improve the blood circulation in lower legs while sitting.
  • Durable product with an easy to clean material which increases its likeness among users.
  • Distributes human weight evenly and keeps you in balance all the time.


  • Some users complain that its cushioning gets hard after some time.

6. HomCom Adjustable Hydraulic Rolling Faux Leather Saddle Stool

This is an ergonomically designed chair that is highly adjustable in nature. Hydraulic steel lift allows you to adjust its height from 17.75 inches to 22.5 inches. There is a lever that is easily in your access so you can adjust the height without any problem. This saddle chair has been designed to provide great comfort to your spine, neck and legs as it helps to reduce the pressure on your joints and muscles.

HomCom Adjustable Hydraulic Rolling Faux Leather Saddle Stool

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This is an ideal chair for dental hygienists and office persons who have to sit for longer hours on their chair. In actual, this ideal chair is also used by salons, massage parlors, architects, tattoo shops, beauticians etc. because it provides ultimate comfort while sitting. There is a great freedom of movement when you use this chair.

This adjustable chair is made of heavy and sturdy steel that makes it more durable in comparison to other saddle dental chairs. Five rolling casters make your movement easy. You can glide easily across different floors without any need to stand up. The dimensions of this ideal chair are 20*20*9 inches. The weight bearing capacity of this chair is 300 lbs and the weight of this chair is 10 pounds.


  • This is an ideal chair not only for dental hygienist but also for beauticians, architects, doctors etc.
  • This chair features open stool design and allows free movement to its users.
  • It is very easy to assemble this chair.
  • It is quite light in weight.


  • This chair is not so compatible with a standing desk.

7. Surgical Saddle Dental Dentist Doctor Stool Chair

This surgical saddle dental chair is really good for dental hygienist. This is a well known stool and it is appreciated for its ultimate comfort. This is not only good for dentists but also this is known as an ideal chair for salons. This chair also offers the feature of hydraulic soft seat so it can be adjusted easily. This chair comes with back rest so one can feel really comfortable while sitting on this chair.

Surgical Saddle Dental Dentist Doctor Stool Chair

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The good thing about this saddle chair is that its back rest is made of high quality PU leather that is super soft. On the inner side high density foam is used that makes the seat more comfortable. Another good thing is the durability. The material used for the making of this chair is highly durable so this chair can be used over years and it really makes your investment long lasting.

One promising feature of this chair is the anti-dust PU seat. It means that the seat does not get dirty or catch the dust. So there is no need of intense cleaning and your seat remains clean and shiny all the time. The size of this chair is dia 320*450-650mm. Feature of height adjustment is also available.


  • This step stool is really easy to clean.
  • This chair is made of stainless steel so this is a highly durable product.
  • There is a gas spring with the round handle bar that allows height adjustments.


  • There is no foot rest so users may feel bit uneasy on this chair.

8. Dentist Stool Dentist Assistant Chair Dentistry Clinic Rotating Dental chair

Well if you are a dentist and looking for a perfect dental chair then Dentist Stool Dentist chair is a perfect choice for you. This is a perfectly designed dental chair that comes with the cast aluminum base and it offers great weight bearing capacity.

Dentist Stool Dentist Assistant Chair

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In this chair, high quality caster wheels have been installed so they make your movement really easy during your work. This chair is equally good for tall and short people as its height can be adjusted easily. You can adjust it from 450 mm to 570 mm. Another good thing is its adjustable arm rests. These armrests are adjustable in two ways. So you can set the chair according to your needs easily. Dentist Stool Dentist is a really good chair for dentists. Its PU caster works really well.


  • Cast aluminum base provides great support to this chair and really enhances the feature of durability of this chair.
  • Height can be adjusted easily according to the needs during work.
  • Armrests are adjustable and two ways adjustability of these armrests is great.
  • Strong chair that supports human weight easily.


  • There is no such con that needs to be mentioned here.

9. KKTONER Rolling Saddle Stool PU Leather

It would not be wrong to say that KKTONER Rolling Saddle is a great chair that can solve all your sitting issues. This is an adjustable stool. You can adjust its height from front, center and back. From front its height can be adjusted from19.5 inches to 25.8 inches. You can adjust its back from 18.3 inches to 24.6 inches and from center it can be adjusted 17.7 inches to 24 inches.

KKTONER Rolling Saddle Stool PU Leather

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This amazing chair can hold weight up to 300 lbs. This is a highly comfortable chair that takes your sitting experience to another level. The wheel design of this chair is so supportive so it allows an easy movement of this chair.

Another key feature of this chair is the 360 degree swivel. You can move this chair easily on any type of floor because of its 5 rolling wheels. This chair is really safe if you are having a soft floor at your clinic. The weight of this chair is 9.81 pounds. The other dimensions of this chair are 17.09*16.46*9.29 inches.


  • Highly comfortable chair that makes your sitting experience really good.
  • You feel no fatigue or back, neck ache even after sitting on this chair for longer hours.
  • It is an easy to move chair.
  • Assembling of the parts is really easy. You can assemble the parts in just 2 minutes.
  • Water proof leather cushion makes this product more durable.
  • Oil and water resistant chair.


  • Only height can be adjusted. It cannot be adjusted in the forward direction.


As we know that in dental industry, the issue of back pain is quite common. Normal chairs cannot support your body postures to protect you against back pains so there is a need of the saddle chair for the dental hygienist. Let us talk about some key features that can help you out to select the right saddle chair for your working place.


It is necessary that the element of back discomfort must be eliminated while working as a dentist. And it is possible with the right contour only that provides proper support and comfort to your pelvis. Saddle chairs that provide the right contour are the ideal ones. Contour means the chairs are not too narrow to make you uncomfortable by compression or nor too wide to let you slip on the chair on both right or left sides.

360 degree swivel

360 degree swivel is a feature of saddle chairs that must be considered. This feature allows you to move your chair easily during work. It facilitates your core muscles and helps you a lot to balance your body on the chair.

Cylinder height

Height adjustment is a very important feature as the height of the dental hygienists varies so they need to accommodate the height of saddle stool according to their requirements. This feature must be noted carefully. Generally most of the saddle chairs offer this feature but you must check this feature carefully by yourself.

Style of the chair

Saddle chairs are available in two styles. On is the split seat style and second one is the one seat style. There are many people who prefer split seat style because they feel more cooler even after spending the many long hours on this chair. Even the width of split style chair is adjustable. In this way you can provide relief to you pelvic area.

Leg positioning

Before selecting the saddle chair, you have to check the support of leg positioning. Legs play a key role while sitting on a chair and if your legs are properly balanced on a chair, they will definitely facilitate your long sitting hours.

In some saddle chairs, the balancing point is located at the front. This is a bit irritating as in case of stiff limbs, it is difficult to stand up. So the chairs that feature the balancing point under the body of chair, they really support your leg positioning.

Chairs that allow you the close sitting

Dentists are the people who have to work closely to their patients. For them excessive leaning is not good so there is the need of a chair that could make them closer to their patients. So always look for a chair that allows you to be closer to your patients. Chairs that are compact in size give you this facility as they can be easily fitted to the narrow places to provide more excess and they also enhance the efficiency of the dentists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are saddle seats good for your back

Saddle chairs are often used by dental hygienists as a seating option for patients. Saddle chairs are designed to be comfortable and supportive for the back. They are also designed to provide good posture. Saddle chairs may be a good option for dental hygienists who have back pain.

However, there is no universal consensus on whether or not saddle chairs are actually good for the back. Some people argue that the pressure that is put on the back from a saddle chair can actually cause pain and inflammation, while others say that saddle chairs are actually a good way to support the back while performing dental work. Ultimately, it is up to the individual hygienist to decide whether or not saddle chairs are a good option for them.

How should a dental hygienist sit

When a dental hygienist is working, they need to be comfortable. A saddle chair is a great way to be comfortable and still be able to do their job. A saddle chair has a back and seat that are both adjustable, so the dental hygienist can find the perfect position for them. The saddle chair also has a cushion that helps the dental hygienist feel comfortable and reduces the chance of getting back pain.

How do you sit in a dental saddle chair

For dental hygienists, sitting in a saddle chair is an important part of their job. Saddle chairs are specially designed to support the back and provide a comfortable position for the hygienist while performing their duties.

To sit in a saddle chair, the hygienist should first adjust the seat to their height. The seat should also be level with the back of the chair, and the back should be flat against the wall. After adjusting the seat, the hygienist should place their feet in the stirrups, which will help keep them in a comfortable position. Finally, they should adjust the arms of the chair to their desired position.

What is a dental saddle

A dental saddle is a type of chair that is used by dental hygienists to provide support while performing procedures. This chair typically has a padded seat and back, and is designed to provide stability and support during dental work.

Are saddle chairs worth it

Saddle chairs are often used by dental hygienists to perform various tasks, such as cleaning teeth and gums. Many people believe that saddle chairs are a waste of money, as they are not as effective as traditional chairs. However, saddle chairs can be useful for certain tasks, such as reaching high places or for people with limited mobility. It is important to choose the right saddle chair for the task at hand, as not all saddle chairs are created equal.

What is a saddle used for

A saddle is a chair-like device that is used to support a person’s weight while they are sitting or standing. Saddles are commonly used by dental hygienists to help them sit in patients’ mouths and perform dental procedures.


In this article, we have tried to cover the features of the best saddle chair for dental hygienist. All the above mentioned chairs are well known among dentists so it mainly depends upon the needs and the features that a dental hygienist looks for in a chair.

So one should be thoughtful while buying any saddle seat chair as a wisely selected chair will definitely increase your sitting experience to another level and it will provide great comfort to your body and you will feel less tired.

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