Roborock S5 Vs S6 Review

Robotic vacuums are an ideal gadget of cleaning as the service that these vacuum cleaners render to its valuable users is matchless. In this vacuuming industry, multiple brands are trying to serve people by introducing different breath taking features.

Some new bees are also trying to cope with the trends of vacuuming industry. But when we talk about Roborock, we come to know that although this brand is not serving from ages but the products that it has introduced in short run are worth mentioning.

Among different products Roborock S5 and S6 are some of its best robotic vacuums. Here we will conduct a detailed comparison of Roborock S5 Vs S6 for the better understating of our readers.

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Roborock S5 Vs S6 Comparison Review

1. Speed of Cleaning

Everybody likes a cleaner that could solve the cleaning issues in no time. And this feature is specially associated with the robotic vacuums. The biggest difference between the traditional and the robotic cleaner is the speed that means a lot to users.

So when we compare the S5 with S6, we learn that when the S5 was introduced, it was considered as the most efficient robotic vacuum. Its cleaning speed was awesome. But later on, Roborock introduced S6 that was much faster than S5.

It was better able to clean the paths, corridors and narrow areas by saving the time and life of the battery. So speed of cleaning is a major difference between the two.

2. Noise

There are many people who have small babies or elderly people at their home and they do not want to disturb the sleep of their loved ones so they prefer a cleaner with the least noise. So noise makes a huge difference for them.

In case of S5, there is no issue of cleaning and it performs its work efficiently but it creates noise. On the other hand, S6 is 50% quieter in comparison to the S5. It does not make huge noise so people having small babies and elderly people prefer S6 because it is not so loud. They can perform their cleaning tasks quietly at any time without any tension of noise.

3. Cleaning Brush

Well both of the products have central cleaning brush that works flawlessly to clean your surfaces. Then what is the main difference.

S5 robotic vacuum offers a central cleaning brush but it is not detachable. On the contrary, S6 offers a cleaning brush that has detachable tips. As we all know that hair often get stuck in the tips of the cleaning brush and they clogged together to restrict the cleaning task.

So in case of S6, it is quite easier to detach and clean the brush. So this feature enhances the working efficiency of Roborock S6. Here we will add that new S6 offers 250 % more bristle that provides new dimensions to cleaning.

4. Selected Room Cleaning

It often happens that you are not in the mood of thorough cleaning or you want to clean a specific room. In case of S5 this feature of mapping and navigating the places is available but in case of S6 this feature is more advanced.

You can easily map out the whole area and you can command your robotic vacuum S6 to clean a specific room and it can even automatically detect the rooms. This cleaner will pay attention to your command and it will clean the room as soon as possible.

5. Processor

Use of processor also makes a huge difference while comparing Roborock S5 Vs S6. In case of S6 32 bit quad-core processor is utilized that helps this robotic vacuum to make faster calculations. Due to this quad-core processor, it performs cleaning task 20% faster than the S5.

There was a time when S5 was considered one of the best robotic vacuums due to its navigation power but later the features of S6 got attraction of users. Now think what you can anticipate more from S6. There is no doubt that, navigation power is more enhanced in S6.

6. Side Brush

The S6 includes a side brush which is made of silicon which means it will last for long whereas in S5 the side brush is composed of ABS.

7. Better Charging Base

The Roborock S6 charging base is a bit larger in size as compared to S5 but it has the capacity to hide the cords behind to look smarter. In terms of battery life, S5 offers 150 minutes and it was considered champion of all the robotic vacuum cleaners because no other model provided such a battery life.

Now, S6 is introduced with more advanced features and it is the new king because it will keep working for continuous 180 minutes.

8. Dimensions

There is a little difference between the dimensions of these two models. S5‘s dimensions are 13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches whereas S6 has 13.7 x 13.8 x 3.8 inches.

9. Weight

When S5 was launched, its weight was 7 Ibs, but later on a little increase was noticed in the weight of S6 that is 7.94 Ibs.

10. Suction Power

Both these two models are well appreciated because of its suction power. As everyone knows that S6 is the more advanced version but it produces 15cfm power at Max whereas S5 produces 17cfm power.

11. Warranty

Now talk about its warranty, most of the models guarantee one year warranty but S6 offers 2 years warranty so this major difference makes this model more desirable.

12. Mopping

The S6 contains a water tank which has a switch that permits water flowing if Robot has to clean some stubborn spots or heavy tasks. It is quite handy to refill water tank. Moreover, S6 has 10 disposable wipes and 2 mopping clothes that can be disposed off after mopping.

In fact, S6 has two mopping modes, high and low; you can select the best mode according to your requirement. You will definitely agree that this flexibility is really convenient and it brings ease to your life.

The end result of this unique feature is that the perfect amount of water can be used to wet the microfiber cloth that is designed for mopping.

You must be concerned about the robot mopping of your carpet, your concerns are genuine, but you can tackle this situation wisely, just settle the no- go zones on the app around your sofas, carpets etc and problem is resolved.

So in this comparison of Roborock S5 Vs S6, this point goes in the favor of S6 as S5 does not offer disposable mopping pads.

13. Physical Appearance

As far as S5 is concerned, it has three prominent buttons on its lids like charging, power and spot cleaning, on the other hand S6 has touch buttons.

14. Spring Wheels

Both S5 and S6 have wheels which make them more proficient and their height can be

fixed according to your requirement. So this point equally goes in the favor of the two products.

Things to consider before buying Roborock S5 and S6

After making the comparison of Roborock S5 Vs S6, we can say that there are some points that must be considered before buying a robotic vacuum. These are as follow,

  • Budget: Budget matters a lot while buying any robotic vacuum. If your budget is high then you can go for a robotic vacuum with high-end features. If your budget is low then you can compromise on some features.
  • Navigation: Consider the navigation feature on priority basis. A cleaner with strong navigation should be the first preference.
  • Processor and Charging Base: This is another important point that must be considered while buying a robotic vacuum. A vacuum with powerful processor can makes your day. And good charging base makes your day trouble free. You can instantly start your cleaning task once you have decided.

What Are The Advantages of Buying A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners are considered the best alternatives in comparison to traditional cleaners.  It has still some advantages so let us talk about what you need to figure out before spending your money on this amazing cleaner.

Pros of having a robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Generally, the biggest plus point owing a robotic cleaner would be time saving. You do not need to spend hours in cleaning because a robotic cleaner utilizes less time and performs more efficiently and quickly rather than a traditional cleaner.
  • Sometimes, you have to leave the house in an emergency and you are worried who will clean the house in your absence. In that case, robot vacuum cleaner is the most suitable option, what you have to do is, just fixing the timer when cleaning task is required, and it will do its job appropriately even when you are out of the place.
  • With the passage of time, new models are getting introduced with advanced technologies. So, you can easily control a robot by using a phone app that most of the models offer.
  • You do not need to run after a robot all the time while it is working, just sit on the couch and see how it cleans the home.
  • As far as traditional vacuum cleaners are concerned, they are heavy and bigger in size, so they cannot mover under sofas but robotic vacuum cleaners are sleek and they fit well to all corners and narrow spaces beneath furniture.
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to clean stubborn spots but with the help of robot vacuum cleaner, you can easily get rid of those ugly spots. Particularly, it has a fantastic option of cleaning which is really miraculous while working on a mess in one specific area.
  • Some robots come with a piece of cloth that can be used to mop the floor.

What Are The Limitations of Robotic Vacuums

Here we will discuss some shortcomings of the robotic vacuum cleaners.

  • Keep one thing in mind, you have to prepare the cleaning area before starting a robot because it does not work efficiently if curtains and cords are found in its way and it cannot cross over everything.
  • As far as its dustbin is concerned, it is not as large as it should be, so you have to empty it more than once rather than a traditional cleaner.
  • Commonly, a traditional vacuum cleaner takes half an hour to clean the entire area but in case of robot cleaners, more time is required to complete the cleaning job.
  • These cleaners are expensive because they are completely automatic and they offer advanced technology.
  • Now talk about its battery life, it lasts for only 2 hours if you own a big house, obviously you have to recharge the battery to give a neat look to your house.
  • Some models do not work on some specific patterns for example if your carpet has black lines or flowers, probably vacuum cleaner will be stopped because its sensors assume it’s a drop – off.
  • The main shortcoming about this vacuum cleaner is, it is not ideal for an uneven floor or a staircase, otherwise it will fall suddenly. It is only useful for leveled or flat surfaces. This feature limits its performance to clean other spaces specially, it cannot get to high areas such as ceiling and walls, for this you have to use a traditional cleaner or do it yourself.


After making the whole comparison of Roborock S5 Vs S6, we can sum up by saying that if you are not so concerned with the cleaning time, detachability of cleaning brush and noise then you can definitely pick S5. Why to pay extra money when they do not make a huge difference for you. Is not it?

But if you’re a busy person and you need faster cleaning with some other promising features then definitely S6 will be your ultimate choice. So it mainly depends upon your needs and requirements. Analyze your needs first and then buy a robotic cleaner for your home or workplace.

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