The Updated Steelcase Leap V1 Vs. V2: What’s The Difference

Steelcase is a well known brand that is renowned for its great office chairs. This is so because high quality material is used for the preparation of these chairs and they can serve its users for a longer time. These chairs are very comfortable and you can sit on these chairs easily for an extended time without worrying any strains or back pains. Actually, the brand owners believe that an office chair must be comfortable and supportive enough to facilitate the working of people.

Steelcase has introduced so many chairs in the market and among the widely used units of this brand; we cannot overlook the names of Steelcase leapV1 and V2. Both are good but we will make a comparison of these two hot sellers for the proper understanding of our readers who often remain confused about the two.

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I think you will truly understand the differences between the Steelcase Leap V1 and Steelcase Leap V2 chairs by reading this discussion or comparison.

Comparison of Steelcase Leap V1 vs V2

1. Arms: The armrests of a chair are intended to provide relief to the body. It is possible to rest your arms comfortably on these armrests to relax your body during or after work. When we discuss Steelcase V1, we learn that this chair was introduced in 1999, and it was a great success in offices.

armrests comfortablyIts arms were not excellent but they were good and comfortable. This chair offered the feature of adjustable arms but the capacity to adjust these arms was very limited. It was not possible to move these arms to the front and back.

On the other hand, there is Steelcase Leap V2 that offers newly designed arms and they provide excellent comfort to its users because they are made of plush squishy material that is very soft in nature. They are not only comfortable but they look stylish too. Users can easily adjust the arms from front and back according to their requirement. So we will definitely say that V2 arms are much better than V1.

2. Back: An office and home office chair must be supportive that could facilitate your working for longer hours without any issue of back pain. And the back design makes a huge difference between V1 and V2. In V1, there was no feature of adjusting the lumbar support area. Although the chair was quite comfortable for sitting due to its firm plush support but feature of adjustability was not present.

Back pain issueOn the other hand, there is V2 that is the much advanced form of V1 chair. You can easily adjust the back of your chair and set it two levels up and down. So this chair provides great lumbar support and not only lumbar but also it supports your upper back too. Apparently it feels a minor change in design but it makes a huge difference in reality. When your back would be comfortable, you will be better able to perform you tasks.

3. Seat panels: Some people are confused about the seat panels of the two. But if you are comparing the two on the basis of seat panels, it will not make a huge difference. Seat panels of ChairBecause both of the chairs have an ergonomically designed seat panels for legs and they offer cushioning almost of the same quality. So according to this point, both are equally good and there is a slight difference in seat lip but it does not matter.

4. Price: There are many people who like to buy the things by following their budget limits. And obviously this is a right attitude. Being an office person myself, I will definitely prefer a chair that would offer more features at a reasonable price. So when we make a comparison of Steelcase Leap V1 vs. V2, we come to know that V1 is a bit pricey chair in comparison to the V2.

Price of ChairV1 is good office chair and it is worth spending huge money but when V2 offers a bit advanced features in a less price then people say that why should they buy Steelcase leap V1 instead of V2? So from the price point of view, V2 has an edge over V1.

5. Dimensions: Well there are many people who are concerned about the dimensions of an office chair because if a chair is too big, it will definitely occupy a more space at your place. So if you go for a bulky chair where the space in your office is less then it will give a congested look to your interior. So dimensions of an office chair must be considered before making any selection.

Dimensions of ChairWhen we talk about Steelcase leap v1, we come to know that its dimensions are 24.8*27*43.5 inches whereas the dimensions of Steelcase leap v2 are 25*25*25. So it is clear that V2 chair offers a compact design and it is easy to set this chair at any place as it will occupy less space. So if you have a big office then you can select V1 otherwise you can go for V2.

6. Weight and capacity: Weight of a chair is also matter a lot while making a comparison. So when we talk about Steelcase Leap V1 vs. V2, we come to know that there is a slight difference of weight in these chairs. The weight of Steelcase leap v1 is 48 lbs whereas the weight of Steelcase leap v2 is 50 lbs. So there is a slight difference in their weights and it will be not right to compare these two on the basis of their weight. Another point is capacity so both products are equal. Both of the chairs have an equal capacity to support weight. The weight supporting capacity of both the chairs is 300 lbs.

7. Choice of color: There are many of us who like those office chairs that go perfect with their office decor. Not only comfort but matching of colors also makes a huge difference for them.
So when we discuss Steelcase leap v1 chair, we come to know that Steelcase leap v1 offers a variety of color scheme to its users.

Choice of color ChairThis chair comes with almost 14 colors so people who are concerned about the matching of office chairs with the interior of their office, Steelcase leap v1 definitely help to solve this issue. They can easily select a chair that is closer to their décor.

Here V2 is far behind in this race of colors. It offers very limited color as compared to the V1. So some people go for V1 due to the wide range of color schemes.

8. Warranty: Office chairs are the products that are utilized on a daily basis. Office meetings and workings are a routine part of office job. So every owner tries to invest in those products that offer some warranty.

Office chairs with more warranty are definitely a better choice as warranty helps you to get your chairs replaced or repaired if they get some issue within a specified time. In case of V1 chair, manufacturers provide only 2 years warranty. After two years no claim is possible.

On the contrary, V2 office chair comes with 4 years of warranty that is double as compared to the V1. So according to the warranty point of view, V2 has an edge over V1.

Advantages and disadvantage of Steelcase leap V1 and V2

Well V1 and V2, both are good office chairs and they are hot selling units of Steelcase. But as we all know that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nothing is perfect so same is the case with these two. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of these two one by one.

Advantages of Steelcase Leap V1

  • This is an ergonomically designed chair that provides great comfort to its users.
  • This chair is made of an environment-friendly material so this is 94% recyclable.
  • This chair glides so it is very easy to reach your task when you are reclining.
  • Users can adjust the depth of this chair. It can be adjusted according to the shape of your body and legs for the maximum comfort.
  • Even while reclining, you can easily set the amount of your pushback.

Disadvantages of Steelcase V1

  • Back padding is a bit less and users complain about it.
  • This is a very pricey chair in comparison to the other chairs like V2.
  • It armrests are not as adjustable as of V2.

Advantages of Steelcase Leap V2

  • This is a budget friendly chair that offers great feature in low price.
  • You can easily use this chair throughout your day as it provides great comfort to your back.
  • It is very easy to adjust the height of this chair. Lumbar support can be adjusted according to the requirements without any trouble.
  • This is a durable chair that serves you for a long period of time without any wear and tear.
  • Firmness of the lower back of this chair can be adjusted too.
  • People prefer this chair because it offers adjustable and comfy armrests.
  • This chair provides a great sitting experience to the users.

Disadvantages of Steelcase V2

  • There are some people who complain about its fabric. They say that it is not so satisfying for them
  • There is no dedicated headrest in this chair that creates disliking for this chair.

What are the distinct features of Steelcase leap chairs

Steelcase manufacturers are known for their best office chairs and their products offer some distinct features to their users which are as follow,

It provides ultimate support to your low back area. It guarantees that the lower back part does not crumple and avoids the risk of long – term back health problems and reduces pain too. It offers an adjustable lumber support system, which permits the consumers to fix the seat according to their comfort level. Now talk about its 2nd feature which will help you to understand how comfy this chair is for those who spend long hours while commuting or working in an office, so it is more advisable to spend your money on an appropriate chair.

Generally, people ask whether Steelcase leap chair’s seat can be moved back and forth and the answer is “yes”. You can slide the chair until you get the desired results. The adjustable seat depth makes it probable for every individual to regulate the seat according to their body mass and height. The upper back force adjustment aids everyone to familiarize you with the resistance felt by tilting back in the leap chair with the help of a spontaneous knob located on the left side of the chair. With this unique feature, rocking becomes more convenient.

The leap chair has a cushioned, contoured back that supplies flexible movement for continuous comprehensible support. Its live back technology encourages a healthy position regardless of your sitting position. Now, we talk about its cooling comfort which is another amazing option and it can be gained through progressive back forth and back slat system. It also possesses a natural seat glide that permits the user to slide the chair’s seat as one bends back. It keeps your spinal bones upright and body posture easy and relaxed.

Arms are an important part of any chair and obviously it should be supported and comfortable as you have to sit for long hours. In terms of adjustability and manipulation, it is quite handy. Arms can be rotated up and down, backward and forward or side wards too. You can adjust them according to your task requirements.

Last but not least, it is a beautifully designed chair that features advanced technology and it can be assembled easily. No hard and fast rules are required regarding its application. It is user – friendly and considered one of the best steal case chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Steelcase Leap v2 good for gaming

The Steelcase Leap V2 chair is a great option for gamers looking for a comfortable chair that can support their heavy gaming sessions. The chair is made with high-quality materials and features a durable construction that is sure to last.

How long will Steelcase Leap V2 last

The Steelcase Leap V2 chair is a high-quality, comfortable chair that is designed to last for 15-20 years. The chair is made with durable materials and has been tested to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The Leap V2 is a great choice for anyone who wants a durable and comfortable chair that will last for years.

Is the Steelcase leap v2 comfortable

The Steelcase Leap V2 is a comfortable chair that is perfect for people who want to be able to work in comfort. The chair has a lot of features that make it great, such as the armrest support and the adjustable backrest. The seat is also very comfortable, which makes it perfect for long periods of sitting.


So in this whole comparison of Steelcase Leap V1vs. V2, it is quite difficult to say that which one is the best. Although V2 has an edge in design and in some other features but V1 is also very good and it provides great comfort to its users.

So it mainly depends up on your requirements. In short, choosing the best chair may be somehow difficult for you but once you make the right choice then you can get benefits from this right investment over the years.

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