MESH VS LEATHER Chair – Which One Is Best For You?

Chair industry has evolved over the years. Manufacturers are constantly trying to provide the best chairs for home and offices. And actually they have remained successful to a great extent. Mesh and leathers chairs are the two amazing products that are ideally used for offices. Mesh is the advanced and comfy chair that supports your back and body properly.

On the other hand, there are leather chairs that have been used for ages and people have strong liking for these chairs. These traditional chairs are generally the part of homes and offices and serve to the users in a better way.

Well both of the chairs are good and well designed but definitely they have some individual aspects too that differentiate these two from one another. So here will present a detailed comparison of the two and try to discover that mesh vs leather chair, which one is better.

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Mesh VS Leather Chair Comparison


Comfort is the most important feature that is associated with a chair. First of all, we talk about the mesh chairs. These chairs are basically designed to cater the seating needs of offices. Initially heavily stuffed and bulky chairs were used in the offices but later the invention of mesh chairs revolutionized this whole concept.

Initially, people thought that they would be less comfortable due to the lack of foam seat but they were wrong. They are innovative chairs that are very comfortable for sitting. They keep you even cool while working for longer hours due to breathable mesh backs.

Feeling Comfort With ChairOn the contrary, there are leather chairs. They are also very comfy and look elegant when they are a part of your office or any other seating area. They offer thick padding that ideally supports your back and seat bones. You feel no fatigue during work due to its super soft foam seating.

But one thing that brings thumb down for this chair is that leather makes you uncomfortable when this chair is used for longer times in summer. It makes you hot and you feel restless at this chair.

So both of the chairs are very comfortable and they offer user friendly features but leather chair marks one number less than mesh chair because it gets hot in summer while mesh chairs keep you cool. This point makes a huge difference for those who have to sit for longer hours during work.


While selecting a right chair, another factor that needs your attention is the durability or longevity. Buying a chair is a long term investment and nobody wants to see it getting waste so feature of durability counts.

When we talk about mesh chairs, we come to know that mesh chairs lack the feature of durability. This is so because they have unsupported fabric that may get torn or sag due to the wear and tear.

And once its supportive fabric is gone, it is a time for you to buy another chair because if you still continue the use of this unsupportive chair, it can cause strain in your muscles or you may suffer an injury.

On the other hand, there are leather chairs. Leather is an emblem of durability or longevity. These are the chairs that have been designed to serve for longer time. Leather can easily withstand wear and tear and it is very easy to maintain these chairs.

There are many companies who prefer to invest in leather chairs because these chairs have been built to live longer. So if we compare these two on the basis of durability, the vote definitely goes in the favor of leather chairs. Their material is more strong and durable.


Feature of maintenance matters a lot whether it is a mesh chair or a leather chair. As we said earlier, mesh chairs are made of supportive fabric so they are light in weight and it is quite easy to move these chairs from one place to another. And it is quite easy to clean and maintain these mesh chairs too.

Maintenance of ChairYou can vacuum the seats to take off all the crumbs and then you can remove stains with the help of warm water and soap. If you feel stain continues then you can just dab with your spot cleaner. And they are perfectly cleaned again. But you have not to rub your mesh chair because rubbing can destroy the fabric of mesh chair.

Leather chairs are heavy and they also offer limited elasticity. It actual means that if you will stretch them, they will not get back into the shape. Another important thing is that you cannot expose these leather chairs directly to the sunlight for longer hours. Their color gets faded due to the direct sunlight.

So you need to gently clean the leather once in a week with a soft and dry cloth or you can vacuum these chairs with the soft brush.

So according to maintenance point of view, mesh chairs are better than leather chairs. They are easy to clean. Although leather is more durable but it needs careful tips for cleaning and staying longer.


While buying office supplies, every person tries to stay in limits of his budget. It is necessary to make a budget to keep your expenses in a limit. So selection of mesh or leather chairs also depends on the amount of your budget. Let’s compare these two chairs on the basis of price and see that which one is pricier?

Price of ChairPrice of a chair generally depends on the features and material that a person is looking for? But keeping all the things constant, we come to know that mesh chairs have a slight edge over leather chairs. Mesh chairs are comfy and they are available at reasonable prices in the market.

Leather chairs are bit expensive due to their upholstery but if you have good budget then you can definitely go for these chairs.

Easy to move

You may need to move chairs off and on for the cleaning of places or it may be due to some other reasons. So this feature also matters a lot while comparing these two chairs.

Easy to move ChairWhen we talk about mesh chairs, we come to know that they are easy to move chairs. This is so because they are very light in weight and you can move them from one place to another without any trouble.

On the other hand, there are leather chairs. They are heavy chairs and once you have placed these chairs at some area then it is quite difficult for you to move these chairs.


Mesh and leather, both are the ergonomically designed chairs that facilitate the long time sitting of users. But it is a matter of fact that mesh chairs have limited designs. And they do not look so stylish. Limited choice of designs affects the popularity and liking for this chair.

These designs cannot go well with every décor so this feature greatly affects the buying decisions of users.

Design of Mesh And Leather ChairAs far as leather chairs are concerned, they offer a huge variety of designs to its users. From color scheme to designs, they offer a plenty of choices and you can easily select a chair that goes well with your office décor or interior.


Well when we compare these two on the basis of availability, we come to know that mesh chairs are easily available in the market at multiple places. It is like piece of a cake to get these chairs because they are cheaper than leather chairs and they are easily accessible too.

Leather chairs are expensive and they are not as easily available in the market as the mesh chairs are. Everybody cannot afford these chairs. So if we compare on the basis of availability, the vote goes in the favor of mesh chairs definitely.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Mesh And Leather Chairs

In this world, there is nothing perfect. Everything has its own advantage and disadvantages. Same is the case with the mesh and leather chairs.

Both are good and have distinguished features but they have some flaws too. So while comparing the mesh vs leather chairs, we need to compare their pros and cons too.

Advantages of Mesh Chair
  • Mesh chairs with open structure helps to facilitate ventilation during use.
  • They are light in weight and it is quite easy to maintain these chairs.
  • They are easily available in the market. So anybody can access these chairs from everywhere.
  • They are quite cheaper as compared to the other upholstered chairs available in the market.
Disadvantages of Mesh Chair
  • They are not as comfortable as the leather chairs are.
  • Fabric of upholstery in mesh chairs is not as durable as of other chairs are.
  • These chairs offer very limited designs.
  • They may create skin or clothes abrasion sometimes.
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Advantages of Leather Chair
  • They give classy look to your interior and the image that they present of a place is matchless.
  • If a leather chair is made of pure leather they will definitely stay longer and your investment will not get wasted.
  • They need very little maintenance and protection.
  • These are the highly comfortable chairs so they can be used for longer hours without any trouble.
  • From hygiene point of view, leather chairs are great because if a sweaty person sits on this chair so you can simply wipe this chair with wet cloth and it gets clean.
Disadvantages of Leather Chair
  • Leather chairs are much costly as compared to mesh or other fabricated chairs.
  • Leather is easily prone to scratches so it cannot be roughly used for sitting.
  • It is generally very difficult to differentiate between the genuine and fake leather.
  • The color of leather chairs fades away if they are directly exposed to heat or sunlight.
  • They make you hot when you use it for longer time.

What Are The Common Problems of Mesh Chair

When the mesh chairs were introduced, there were many people who considered that these chairs would not be able to get the attention of users due to their innovative and different design.

But time proved that they were wrong. Mesh chairs got great success and now every manufacturer is trying to create their own version of mesh chair.

They are comfortable and stylish and the most important thing is that they are sleek and occupy very less space in comparison to the other chairs.

But there are some common issues associated with these chairs that get thumbs down for the mesh chairs and people do not prefer these chairs.

Mesh chairs have too stiff or sag padding seats

This is the most common issue with the mesh chairs. It is difficult to design a mesh chair that is supportive and comfortable at a same time. When the seat is too much comfortable or have extra padding, you feel like floating over it when you sit on it.

Your weight is distributed unevenly on the chair so mesh seat will eventually sag. On the other hand, mesh chairs without padding are too hard or stiff and they give you the feeling of a wooden floor that also makes you uncomfortable too.

Abrasive to clothes and skin

It is a matter of fact that mesh upholstery is quite rough as compared to leather or other fabric upholstery. So there is the probability of skin or clothes abrasion due to the coarse surface of these chairs. You may feel itching on your body or it can cause damage to your clothes like it may ruin your dress pants.

It is difficult to clean mesh chairs

Once these chairs get dirty, it is very difficult to clean these chairs. Although non-padded mesh can be easily cleaned with the help of a vacuum but if you use some napkins or toilet paper, it will not work at all.

And padded mesh is way too difficult to clean. If you rub a towel or a wet cloth on mesh, the mesh upholstery may get damage due to the friction.

Mesh is not versatile

Designers generally do not prefer mesh because it is not versatile and does not look stylish. Although the market is loaded with different types of mesh chairs but their looks are quite similar and they offer very limited colors for selection.

So these are some common issues with the mesh chairs. If they are removed then mesh chairs can also mark their high palace in the markets.

What Are The Tips To Clean Leather Chairs

Leather chairs have been used for ages in homes and offices because they give a classy look to your interior and they definitely compliment your decor too. Users prefer these chairs because they are quite comfortable and you can use these chairs for longer hours without any trouble.

But some people look worried about the cleaning of leather chairs or other leather furniture. They often ask that how to keep this furniture clean and new for a longer time.

So there is no need to be worry about this problem. Here we will discuss some simple tips that will greatly help you to keep the leather furniture clean. These are as follow,

  • Always try to clean your leather chairs with a dry cloth. Microfiber clothes are the best for cleaning. You need to clean your leather furniture on weekly basis otherwise dust will pile up and your leather furniture will not shine. If the stains are too stubborn then you can make your cloth wet for cleaning but make sure do not soak it into the water at all.
  • Like all other types of furniture, leather is also vulnerable to dust and debris. You can use your vacuum cleaner with the soft bristle brush and vacuum the leather chairs from all the sides easily. Use the specific leather cleaner for cleaning.
  • Always try to clean spills as soon as you can. Do it with a dry cloth and never try to wipe it otherwise it will spread more.
  • Never expose your leather furniture directly to the sunlight because sunlight will fade away the color of leather and it will look bad.
  • Try to follow the instructions that are provided at the time of buying this leather furniture to keep your chairs and other furniture safe for longer time.


From this comparison of mesh vs leather chair, we come to know that mesh and leather both type of chairs are great for sitting. Mesh chairs are less expensive and easily available in the market. They occupy less space and it is easy to move these chairs whereas leather chairs are more comfortable and they give a classy look to your interior and the feature of durability is also high.

So it mainly depends on you that what type of features you are looking for and what your budget is? What are your actual requirements? So once you are clear about what is your demand then you can definitely make a right choice.

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