The Best Massage Chair Under $1000

Massage chairs are definitely an ideal solution for having massage sessions at the comfort of your home. Due to a busy schedule or hard workload, it is generally difficult for you to visit the massage parlors time and again so in this situation the most appropriate option is to have your own massage chair.

When you visit a market to buy a massage chair, you realize that the markets are loaded with the plenty of best massage chair under 1000 and it becomes difficult to decide that which one is suitable for you. So before entering into a market, you need to do some research for the perfect selection.

Features to Consider in Good Massage Chair Under 1000

A good massage chair really affects your massage experience and if your massage chair is good then definitely you are going to have the best relaxing experience.

There are many people whose budget is limited and they want a chair under 1000 so here we are going to share some features to consider in the best massage chair under 1000. Let us discuss these points one by one.

Type of massage

Massage chairs come with different massaging features but more or less the basic types of massage is same. When you are thinking to buy a chair under 1000 then you must consider the type of massage.

It must include the basic massaging techniques like rolling, kneading, shiatsu, pressure etc. Other than these you can carefully examine the type of massage keeping in view your massaging needs. You can focus on the rollers that can really cater your massaging needs.

Size of the massage chair

Another important feature is the size of the massage chair. There are plenty of best massage chairs under 1000 that are neither big nor too small to make you uncomfortable on the chair. Secondly you should consider the size that truly fits to your height and weight.

A chair with proper sitting space is always the right one. Another thing is the size of the place where you want to put your chair. If you have to keep it at a place that is spacious then you can think about a big chair. On the contrary, you must select a compact sized chair that could save the space and make you comfortable during massage.

Chair positioning options

Different massage chairs offer different positioning options like they feature swivel, rocker functionality, recliner, footrest etc. Most of the massage chairs offer the feature of zero gravity which means that they distribute the weight equally over the chair to provide comfort and relax your body. These chairs provide more relaxing and soothing massage.

Control options

Massage chairs that feature the user friendly interface are always the best one. There are many massage chairs that are under 1000 and they have an easy to use interface. Their buttons and control panel is under the reach of the user during massage. Always look for a convenient control panel.


Durability is a key feature that is really important. Massage chair is a product that you really buy for once in a life and this is an investment that you would not like to repeat again and again. So it is really important to consider the feature of durability.

Massage chairs with durable material are always a good choice. Chair with strong and sturdy construction is really a wise choice. Massage chairs with breathable fabric are always preferred because such materials really make your sitting experience comfortable and you can really enjoy your massage.

Rollers and air bags

It is important to consider the feature of air bags and roller. They really help to apply pressure on your body to make your massaging experience really good for you.

7 Best Massage Chair Under $1000 Review

Now we will discuss the features of some amazing massage chairs under 1000 that will help you to decide the best one for you.

1. Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Recliner

Well as the name of this chair indicates that it really helps to relax your body with its great massaging techniques. Real Relax massage chair comes with 8 massage rollers and in this chair almost 50 airbags have been placed all over the places like armrest, neck, shoulder, back etc to provide exceptional massage experience at the comfort of your place.

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

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You will also discover the feature of back heating therapy in this chair that greatly helps to provide relief to your back body pains.

People have a great liking for this chair because it is a budget-friendly product. You feel weightless when you press the zero-gravity button and there is no pressure on your spine at all. You can also recline this chair to enjoy your massage fully.

Another point that goes in the favor of this chair is the assembling. You can arrange it within a few minutes and its strong frame can support weights up to 400 lbs. So what else you are looking for?


  • 4 pre-set modes with the 3 different intensity levels and airbags help to take your massage experience to another level.
  • Feature of Zero-G seating is amazing.


  • This chair lacks advanced controls.

2. Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair Shiatsu Massage

This is another good option if you are looking for a massage chair under 1000. Its L track design easily accommodates the tall persons and its massage techniques really help to remove human fatigue and provide relief to the sore muscles.

Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair Shiatsu

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The key feature of this massage chair that distinguishes this product from others is the heating therapy. It facilitates the thorough heat therapy form your upper back to the bottom of your body.

This chair offers massage facility in a flow like it starts from upper back and goes to the lower back with the curve of your spine and thus it helps to remove vertebrae problems. Its 3D massage manipulators also help to increase the strength and effectiveness of this therapy.

Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair Shiatsu Massage offers WiFi Bluetooth speaker with the 3D USB charger so you can play your favorite tracklists while having your massage and enjoy your time fully.


  • This chair comes with a remote control so you can easily operate this chair with a single touch.
  • Feature of intense heat therapy is great.


  • This chair often gets overheated so you need to wait some times.

3. Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Chair

Massage therapy is good to address so many body issues and this experience becomes exceptional when you have a good massage chair at your home or office. And among good massage chairs how can you forget the name of best Choice Faux Leather Electric Massage chair?

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage

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This massage chair comes with 5 pre-installed programs and you can choose among 9 intensity levels to customize your massage according to your body needs.

In this chair, two modes have been introduced to provide massage at your back, thighs and calves. Its double-padded backrest makes your sitting more comfortable during massage. Its leather is so soft and you need no extra efforts to clean this chair because of it’s easy to clean leather.

Best Choice Faux Leather Electric Massage chair comes with a strong metallic frame that enhances the feature of durability of this chair. This is a good chair that provides great comfort to its users.


  • This chair offers great massaging techniques to its users.
  • Wireless controller makes your adjustments hassle-free.
  • Fabric of this chair is too good and it can be cleaned easily.


  • You are not able to hide footrest when this chair is not in use.

4. Esright Coffee Fabric Massage Recliner Chair 360 Degrees

Around the globe, people believe that massage therapy is quite helpful to provide relief to your mind and body. And I am personally in favor of massage chairs too.

Being a user of Enright Coffee Fabric Massage Recliner Chair, I would say that this is the best massage chair under 1000 that can truly solve your many back-related issues.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather

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This is a great massage chair that offers 5 relaxing functions to its users like 360-degree swivel, vibration, heating, rocking and reclining. Sturdy faux leather is used in the making of this chair that makes your sitting more comfortable.

You can even enjoy your drinks or snacks during massage as it offers two cup holders with additional storage bags. This chair offers two intensity levels with 5 modes so users can select the appropriate massaging options according to their body requirements.

Overall this is a good chair that offers multiple features to its users.


  • A very comfy chair with the soft and sturdy faux leather padding that makes your sitting experience enjoyable.
  • Massaging and heating intensity can be controlled easily.


  • A good chair but it is not a suitable one for a professional place.

5. Massage Chair by Real Relax Full Body Pain Relief

Massage Chair by Real Relax is the best chair for the year 2019/2020. It is well appreciated because of the unique features it comes with, 8 massage neck back rollers are available for complete body massage. It offers a heating system for feet and lower back and seat quivering is also included.

Real Relax 2019 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu

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As far as its ergonomic design is concerned, your arms feel ease while stretching out. It 4 pre-set auto modes make it user-friendly; you can fix the mode according to your needs like strong, mild, sleep and strong.

It can be easily rotated in the office and at home due to 2 – pre-assembled back wheels.

Real Relax has an amazing function of zero gravity, what you have to do is, just push the button and feel almost weightless. Adjustability is another quality; the footrest can be stepped up and down without any trouble.


  • Its assembly is not time taking, just a few minutes are required to build this chair.
  • It is designed for everyone specifically taller persons and the height limit is 6.1 foot.
  • Although, it is a massage chair, but it also works like an easy chair too, just switch off the massage button and utilize the backrest for sleep, or watching TV.


  • The neck rollers are not useful, as you do not feel any pressure in that area.

6. Human Touch iJOY 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair

Human Touch iJOY 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair is a well-designed massage chair that is very compact in size so it can be a part of any place without any trouble.

Normally, people have not a spacious room where a big massage chair can be kept but this iJoy 4.0 has been prepared with the minimized footprint that makes this chair an ideal room product.

Human Touch iJOY 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair

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Well, when we talk about the massage, this chair is good enough to provide a thorough back and seat massage and you really feel comfortable after having one or two sessions.

This is an ideal chair that simulates the manual massaging techniques of therapists and it provides the perfect amount of pressure on your muscles to make your massage sessions effective for you.

This chair comes with 4 pre-installed programs and you can recline this chair easily according to your favorite angle.


  • This is such a lightweight product that offers a compact design and its assembling takes no time.
  • After a long tiring day or workout, you can use this chair to relax yourself.


  • This chair does not offer any foot massage or heating therapy which is the main drawback of this chair.

7. OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

OOTORI is a full body massage chair which is intended to be used for multi-purposes. The massage head can be adjusted according to different body shapes. Its smart manipulator is the most suitable massage option for your shoulders, neck, buttock, waist and back.

OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

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Massage head plays a vital role in reverse kneading, tapping and combination massage in different parts of the body. This luxury and the high-quality leather massage chair is flexible and sturdy. This chair comes with zero gravity space capsule adjoining throughout the recliner.

It’s heating system and a built-in arm linkage provides full body massage. This massage chair can heal any exhausted and drained body. You can ease your body every once in a while by pressing a button on the remote control.


  • As compared to other massage chairs, it does not create much noise and there is no obnoxious smell during massage.
  • Its 360 ball massage provides deep muscle relief to a stressed body.
  • It can be moved from side to side (means left to right) as well as, it goes up and down too.


  • Its assembly is somehow complicated, usually 2 hours are required to assemble its body parts and get air hoses fixed.

What Are The Major Types of Massage Chairs?

Ah! There are many of us when they visit a furniture store or a shopping mall, they quickly jump on a massage chair to feel relax. This is the story of so many people including me, if I am not wrong because massage chairs looks so comfy and we immediately want to relax our bodies so we do this practice.

In recent years, due to the success of massage therapy different types of massage chairs have been introduced in the market. So here we will discuss the major types of massage chairs for the knowledge of our reader.

Full body massage chairs

This is the most common type of massage chairs. As the name suggests its function, this chair provides full body massage facility to its users.

Different type of features have been introduced in these chairs over the time to make them work in a better way so they are a right choice for those who have to perform hectic work on daily basis.

Ottoman massage chairs

These chairs are the true opposite of the full body massage chairs. These are the budget-friendly chairs and people who want to enjoy massage but they cannot spend a lot, these chairs are perfect for them.

They provide very comfortable massage and occupy less space. Ottoman chair is good for tall persons as it provides the feature of height adjustment of the chair.

Heated massage chairs

These chairs are getting great success these days. Heating therapy is considered as an ideal solution to provide relief to your sore muscles and tissues.

In actual, this is a luxury feature and it is generally available in the high-end chairs. These chairs are expensive so it difficult for common people to buy these chairs.

Air massage chairs

This chair works differently from the other massage chairs. In other massage chairs electronic motors are used to massage but in this chair there are plenty of airbags to provide the massage facility. These chairs are also very good.

Zero gravity massage chairs

People suffering from the bones and joints pain, this is an ideal chair for them. These chairs do not put any pressure on your spine and you can truly relax with these chairs. But they are expensive as compared to the other massage chairs.

So these are the most common types of massage chair that provide great massage therapy to its user.

What to Look for Before Buying best massage chair

Are you interested in buying a massage chair under 1000 but you do not still know that what are the points that you must keep in mind at the time of buying? Then you are at a right place. Here we will provide you a guide line to assist you in your buying process.

  • First of all, you have to figure out your massaging needs. You have to be clear that what are the key parts of body that you really want to be massaged? Check the presence of rollers in the massage chair that can truly provide massage to your concerned areas.
  • Sit on the chair and check the level of comfort before buying. Chair that does not accommodate your height and weight properly is not the ideal one. So a properly sized massage chair is always a right choice.
  • Try to do some home work before buying. In market, there are plenty of brands with the variety of massage chairs and definitely every product is different from others so try to compare the chairs on the basis of their features.
  • Try to buy the massage chair that is really easy to assemble. There are some chairs that need proper assembling techniques and if you are a novice user, you will find it hard to assemble so a chair that is easy to assemble is always recommended.
  • Some people are conscious about the interior so you can buy a massage chair under 1000 that really goes well with your interior.
  • Always try to buy a massage chair with some extra features like proper adjustments.
  • Haste always makes waste. So take some time and think wisely that which chair will cater your needs in a perfect way.


Well the above mentioned reviews will really help you to know about some of the best massage chairs under 1000 and you can really get some help through this discussion. But one thing that you should not ignore at any cost is the comfort. If your massaging chair is not comfortable, you cannot enjoy your massage at any cost.

Different brands are working in the market to provide you an ultimate experience of massaging so it depends on you that what really matters for you. Select wisely as you would not like to spend on the massage chair again and again.

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