Shark Rotator Vacuum Won’t Turn on – Why and How To Fixed

All around the world, Shark vacuum are known for their efficient cleaning. Here one thing is more important to mention that they are not only efficient but also they are pocket friendly vacuum and they do not cost much to your budget. This is the key reason behind their popularity. But sometimes you need to open your heart for the problems too that are shown by these vacuums. This is a stage where most of the people feel worried and they consider that they should buy a new one for their home. But people you need to be patient.

If your Shark rotator vacuum does not turn on then you may need to follow some simple steps or you must consider following points in mind that can make your vacuum work again. So let us start with the key points that can help you to fix this problem at home.

Shark Rotator Vacuum Won’t Turn On

Power Plug

This can be the first and foremost reason if your Shark rotator vacuum does not turn on. So you need to check it on priority basis. You can check this by wiggling the cord and by observing that whether the power plug is properly fit in the power outlet or not.

Power plug

If it will be loose then it will not supply the power to your vacuum. And definitely the vacuum will not work without electricity.

Circuit Breaker

Well vacuums are known in the whole world for tripping the circuit breaker. Actually in the construction of Shark and other vacuums, the element of outbreak of fire and other danger is kept in mind so if there is a slight fluctuation in the electricity voltage, they get turned off automatically and thus keep the vacuum safe.

Circuit Breaker

In this case vacuum will not turn on unless the problem is solved. So you have no need to worry. Your vacuum will turn on after some time after resolving the problem of circuit breaker.

But you have to remember that this tripping is occasionally and if your Shark rotator vacuum shows these signs regularly, it means the problem is something else. So you need to get it checked from some skilled person.

Power Cord

As we all know that power cord provides electricity to the Shark rotator vacuum. When this cord is faulty, it will not pass the electricity to your vacuum and definitely it will not turn on so check your power cord.

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If it is broken from somewhere then change the whole cord on priority basis as it can spark and cause more damage to your vacuum.

When The Filter is Clogged

In every vacuum, there are one or more than one filters that help to catch the dirt and debris fully and help to keep the environment clean. So they need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Sometimes our Shark rotator vacuum does not turn on and we consider that it has got some fault but in actual its filter is dirty or clogged badly.

Remember when the filter will be clogged it will affect the working of your Shark vacuum and in some cases it will not let your vacuum to be turned on. So you need to check your filters too in case your Shark vacuum do not show the signs of working.

Let it Cool

Over heating can be cited too as a reason of faulty vacuum. Sometimes when our Shark rotator vacuum performs some unusual cleaning task, it gets hot.


Overheating causes problem and it turns off the vacuum.

In this situation, your cleaner will not turn on instantly after the task. So you need to let it cool up to 1 hour and when it will be perfectly cool, it will definitely turn on again.

Dust Container is Full

There are many people who keep on continuing the cleaning task without bothering the capacity of the dirt container. When dust container is full, it will definitely affect the working of your Shark rotator vacuum and in some cases your cleaner does not turn on.

So you must check the dirt container and make it empty on regular basis to avoid any inconvenience.

Assemble The Parts Properly

It often happens that we separate the parts of our Shark rotator vacuum like hose, nozzle for the thorough cleaning of the vacuum. But when we rearrange the parts, they do not get attached properly so when the parts will not be attached in the right manner, your vacuum will not turn on.

Take out the assembling guide that is generally provided with every vacuum and arrange the parts accordingly. Your problem will be solved.

In short Shark rotator vacuum is an ideal product that is appreciated by the people around the globe. But there is nothing new if you experience little problem with this product. Your Shark rotator vacuum may not turn on sometimes but your little efforts can bring it back to the life.

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