Shark Vacuum Motor Reset – When Need To Change And How To Change

Vacuum industry is flourishing by leaps and bounds and it has amazed the people with bundles of breath taking cleaning gadgets. Every passing day brings more brands in this field. So it is really getting hard to choice the right one cleaner for your home or work place. But there are many of people among us who still love the Shark vacuums.

They still believe that other cleaners cannot compete with Shark ones. And in a sense it is right. They are light in weight and they perform very well on different types of surfaces. So still a strong liking is observed for these vacuums.

When You Need To Shark Vacuum Motor Reset

Definitely there comes a time when you need to reset or replace your Shark motor. There are many people who ask about the time of replacement or resetting of the Shark motor.

Remember when it does not show the signs of actual working and when all your efforts to reset your Shark motor results in vain then it is a high time to change its motor.

Accessories To Change Motor

Now the question arises that how you can change your Shark motor effortlessly. In actual, it is not a big task and you can do it like a pro but before starting this process you need to make it sure that you have all the accessories that will help you during work.

The things that you need before replacing the motor are

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Metal spudger
  3. Plastic opening tool.

These three tools will greatly help you to ease your work.

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How To Change Shark Vacuum Motor

Once you have the necessary tools then you are ready to change the motor. This process involves a few steps that we will discuss one by one.

Step 1

The very first step that you need to perform in the process of changing the Shark motor is the detachment of hose. Hose is basically attached to the bottom of the cleaner. Most often you need to apply force to detach it and once it is detached now you will find a rubberized button under the vacuum. By pressing this button, you can separate the body of the vacuum from head.

Step 2

At second step, you have to flip the body of the vacuum in the way that the underside rubberized button will face the ceiling. And after flipping it now it would be the time to remove the wheels. For this purpose, insert spudger at the front of your wheel and steadily pry it up. With this act you will be able to see the screw that lies under the wheel. Apply same technique to all the wheels one by one and remove them.

Step 3

After removing all the wheels, you are now better able to see the screws. So take your screwdriver and open these screws that must be located on upper, middle and bottom side. Your screwdriver will make this process a bit easier for you. Inside the large wheels of the vacuum, there are two big screws that help them to attach to the body of vacuum. So you must have to unscrew them for the sake of resetting of the battery.

Step 4

Now it is the time to remove the plastic casing of your Shark vacuum. Hold your plastic casing tool and try to pry up the plastic casing from different places. You need to perform this task at different places for an easy removal. Once the plastic casing is removed successfully, you will be able to see your Shark motor that is positioned on the right side of head shell.

Step 5

Now it is a time to change motor. First of all, you have to remove the belt that is attached to the motor gear. After removing it, you have to separate white metal wire connector. The same practice will be done with its black metal wire connector. There are many people who are interested to know about these two connectors so for their knowledge these two wires show the positive and negative cables.

Step 6

Now this is the final step. Remove the motor and install the new one. Once it is installed, you have to connect the metal wire connectors like white and black respectively. Put the plastic casing back and screw the nuts. Attach wheels and your Shark vacuum is ready again to work.

In short, Shark vacuums whether they are upright vacuums or the canister ones, they are equally efficient in working. But it is a matter of fact that whatever type of vacuum you use, there comes a point when its battery needs replacement or resetting so same is the case with Shark vacuum.

But you have no need to worry about, just follow the above mentioned simple steps and you can easily change the motor.

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