Dyson Vacuum Won’t Turn On – Why And How To Fix IT

There is no doubt about the Dyson vacuums as they have changed the entire history of vacuum industry with their matchless and trend setting features. Whether they are bag less, bagged, upright or canister, they are just an amazing tool for cleaning.

But keep in mind one thing that nothing in this world can be perfect. Things may get out of order due to many reasons. They may create problem for you sometimes so same is the case with Dyson vacuums.

There are the chances that your Dyson cleaner may stop working or does not get on. Some people instantly start to panic at this situation and they think that it is time for them to invest in a new cleaner.

But my dear fellows, sometimes Dyson may not show the signs of turning on but it does not mean that you have to throw it to the scrape yard instantly. Have some patience and put some efforts to make it turn on again.

Why Dyson Vacuum Won’t Turn On And How To Fix The Problem

When your Dyson cleaner does not turn on, it means that something wrong has happened. So here we will discuss one by one the common reasons why Dyson does not turn on and solutions of how to fix these problems.

  • Sometimes there is an issue with a socket and it makes your Dyson cleaner turns off. In this scenario, first of all, you should try some other electrical thing in that socket. If it does not turn on, it means that your socket is faulty so change your socket or get the help of electrician and your Dyson cleaner will turn on.
  • There are many times when there is a voltage issue at your home. When the voltage fluctuates to a certain level, it makes your Dyson vacuum turn off and you get worried. But there is nothing to worry about as soon as the voltage will be normal, your cleaner will turn on. Have patience and try to turn it on after a while.
  • Over heating is another major issue. When your cleaner gets over heated after an unusual work of cleaning, it may turn off automatically. In this situation, let your cleaner be cool for half an hour and do not turn it on. Once it gets cool properly, it will get on. Automatic turn off is a feature that protects battery from damage. So after half an hour, when it will be cool, it will show the signs of turning on.
  • As we all know that the battery life of a cleaner depreciates over number of years and certainly there comes a time when battery is totally out of order. And when battery is dead then definitely your cleaner will not show the signs of power. So if all the other things remain all right then may be the time to change the battery has arrived. A new battery will help it to start again.
  • When your Dyson cleaner gets off suddenly and you find no visible reason for this then you need to check the power cord. It happens that the power cord gets damaged from some point and it turns off your cleaner. In this situation, you need to change the whole power cord. Never continue your work in case of a broken wire because it may cause more damage to your cleaner.
  • Every cleaner comes with an air filter so same is the case with Dyson ones. These filters help to clean the air by holding dust inside the vacuum. But when these filters get blocked fully due to dust, the cleaner does not work efficiently and sometimes it creates problem in getting on of your cleaner. So try to keep your filters clean, wash them properly and hope so the issue is resolved.
  • In many cases, it has been observed that the light that shows the turning on sign gets out of order and users consider that the whole Dyson cleaner is out of order. But there is nothing like that. You can get the lights checked from some specialized person.
  • If the wire or cable is wiggled, it will make your cleaner turn off time and again. And you will feel worried why it is not getting on. So make it sure that the wire remains straight and it does create a problem.
  • In case, your cleaner has turned off and it caused a strong acrid smell before turning off then it means that the battery has burnt and it will not resume working until or unless, the battery is replaced.

So these are some common tips and tricks that can greatly help you to solve some basic issues of your Dyson cleaner. But if the problem persists and your Dyson cleaner is not showing the signs of turning on instead of all your efforts then you need to get the help of specialized person.

In case, the period of warranty exists then you can visit the Dyson service center for consultation and proper assistance. In short, Dyson is a great vacuum that provides efficient cleaning but as we said earlier nothing is perfect so it may create problem. Be calm and try to solve the problem patiently.

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