Dyson Vacuum Troubleshooting – Find Out Problem and Solve

Hand stick vacuums like Dyson are an ideal gadget for cleaning but it is hard to imagine that they will not create a trouble for you. Like any other vacuum, they also show some type of malfunctioning at some point in life. In this situation, there is a need to apply some troubleshooting tips and tricks that could really help the users like you to rectify the problems.

Dyson Vacuum Troubleshooting

This is so because if you instantly think to throw your cleaner on scrap heap, it would be simply a waste of money. Some simple Dyson vacuum tips and tricks can really help your cleaner to work again. Let’s have a look on them below:

Best Guide of Dyson Vacuum Troubleshooting

  • Change battery: Battery is the most essential part of a vacuum cleaner. It provides suction power to the cleaner. Sometimes it happens that the battery is fully charged but it does not work. In this situation, some users feel stressed and they consider that the cleaner has stopped working for good and now you will have to buy a new one. But there is nothing like that. By replacing your old Dyson vacuum battery with the new one, it will start working again. When you replace it, make sure that the cleaner is unplugged. After replacing it, nuts must be screwed tightly and you have a new Dyson vacuum cleaner again to work with.
  • Wash filters: Filters greatly help to trap dirt and debris. They help to keep the environment clean. It often happens that everything is apparently fine but still Dyson cleaner does not work properly. In this situation, you need to check the filters. When the filters are blocked, suction of a cleaner gets affected. So take out the filters and wash them properly. This wash might do the trick. It is suggested that filters must be cleaned after regular intervals. When you have to wash the filters, you need to follow these steps.
  1. Turn off your Dyson cleaner
  2. Open it and take out the filters
  3. Wash them with cold water.
  4. Once the filters are dry, fix them again. Do not start vacuum when the filters are wet.

Sometimes filters are in a poor condition due to wear and tear and they restrict the efficient working of your Dyson vacuum. So you can easily troubleshoot this problem by replacing the old filters with the new ones.

  • Clear the blockage of brush: Suction of Dyson vacuum cleaner may be disturbed due to the blockage of brushes. It often happens that hair and debris get stuck in the brush bar and they affect the performance of cleaner.
  • So you can easily troubleshoot this problem by cleaning the brushes of your cleaner. After cleaning the brushes, you will truly feel the difference in the performance.
  • Check the hose: When your cleaner makes some trouble, you need to check its wand. Remove its wand and clear all the dirt and debris. Sometimes hose inlet is also blocked that obstruct the working of this machine. So remove the hose inlets and clear all the blockages for the perfect working of your cleaner.
  • Check overheating issue: Sometimes Dyson cleaner stops working instantly and users get puzzled in this situation. But there is no need to worry about because some Dyson vacuum cleaners come with built-in safety systems. This safety system allows this machine to stop its working when it gets overheated. So whenever you are encountered with this problem, unplug your cleaner for some time. Let it cool. You must leave it for an hour and then you can use it again for your cleaning tasks. You will observe that it will efficiently work again after getting cool.
  • Check the circuit: Whenever our cleaner losses suction, we instantly think that it has become out of order or some internal problem has occurred in the vacuum. It is not true every single time. Problem may occur with your circuit and fuse too. So check your circuit breaker and fuse and if you find a problem of fuse or circuit then fix it. Once you have addressed the problem, switch on your cleaner. Sometimes there are so many appliances plugged in on a single circuit that continue to make troubles. So you can unplug some of them and try again.
  • Check the attachments: When everything is fine like filters are clean, battery is full, circuit is also fine then there is a need to check the attachments. If the parts of your cleaner are not fully attached, your Dyson vacuum cleaner will not work fine either. So make sure every part is attached fully and then turn on your cleaner.

So these are the simple Dyson vacuum cleaner troubleshooting tips and tricks that can help you to resolve some basic problems at home. Buying a new cleaner will not be a great idea. And it is also not easy to carry your cleaner to the mechanic every time. So try these tricks to fix some basic problems at home.

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  1. We just purchased a Dyson animal 2 vacuum cleaner. I assemble the unit and went to vacuum the floor but could not even push the unit across the carpet because of the suction. The. brushes would stop turning. The carpet has a small weave to it not very long. Before I take it back and exchange it for a different brand do you have a way to adjust carpet height.

    • The head of Dyson animal ball 2 is self adjusting. So you dont need to adjust it. Just hardly push the cleaner on your carpet and secondly sometimes the suction is very hard that seals the air between cleaner and the carpet. So you need to get the assistance from the Dyson store in this regard. Thanks


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