Best Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide [Ultimate Guide 2019]

There are plenty of cleaners available in the market that caters to the preference and requirements of different buyers. But a user like you can make a right choice when he knows about some basic points that need consideration at the time of buying a vacuum cleaner.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Because buying a cleaner is a onetime investment and you definitely would not want to pay for it time and again. So in this vacuum buying guide, we will discuss those basic points one by one for the understanding of our users.

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Vacuum Cleaner

#1. Size of the vacuum: Size of a vacuum matters a lot. If you have a big house then you must buy a powerful cleaner. It helps to ease your cleaning task and it takes less time to clean the vast areas. Moreover, if you have a lot of stairs in your house then you need to buy a light weight cleaner that will truly aid in up and down movement. So figure out your cleaning requirements first and then take a decision.

#2. Power: The most important factor that requires your attention is the power. Power of a vacuum shows that how good it is for cleaning. If you live in an area where there is an issue of dust then you need a cleaner that delivers high suction power. But if you are not living in a highly dusty area then you can choose the ones with less suction power.

#3. Filters: Filter of a vacuum cleaner is a very important part that needs your attention. If you want a cleaner that could trap 99.7 percent of dirt, pollens and allergens then you should buy a cleaner that offers HEPA filter. HEPA filters are the best ones as they try to catch up maximum dust and allergens and keep the atmosphere healthy and clean. Although they need replacement after every six months but they are an ideal product for hyper-allergic people.

#4. Surface of floor: Different people have different floor types in their homes. Even in a home there can be multiple surfaces so a cleaner that suits to all surfaces is considered as an ideal product.

#5. Allergies: There are some people who are quite sensitive to dust or pollen allergies. So if you are among those ones then you should buy a cleaner that has HEPA filters. HEPA filters are amazing as they trap 99.7% of dirt and pollens. But keep in mind that you have to clean these filters on regular basis and replace them too for avoiding allergy problems.

#6. Noise: Noise in another important element. There are many of us who do not like noisy cleaners due to several reasons. Like some people have small babies in their homes and they do not want to wake their babies up due to noise of cleaners. Or there may be some elderly people who many feel irritated with the noise of cleaner. In this situation, you need a quiet cleaner. A cleaner with 60 to 65 decibel noise is considered as an ideal cleaner for cleaning as this noise does not create troubles for sleeping individuals.

#7. Pets: Some people love to have pets at their homes but it is a fact that small babies are prone to different allergies from the pet hair. So users who are looking to buy a cleaner for pet hair, they should consider those cleaners that offer at least twelve (12) Amps of suction power. You also need to ensure that they have crevice tool and extra brushes for cleaning.

#8. Corded or cordless: Both type of cleaners perform excellent job. Although cordless vacuums have truly replaced corded ones but there are still many people who believe that corded vacuum are better than cordless ones. A cordless vacuum will require charging every now and then whereas a corded vacuum may need continuous shifting of charging points as it needs to be switched in for uninterrupted power when you move from one part of the house to another.

#9. Bag or bag less: This is a feature which needs your consideration a lot. Both bagged and bag less cleaners perform their cleaning tasks accurately. In a bagged one cleaner, you need to clean the bags after regular intervals. Once the bags are torn, they need replacement too. But it is quite easy to remove and replace a bag. On the other hand, bag less cleaners offer a dust container. This container can be detached and washed easily. It does not need replacement which makes the job much easier.

#10. Cost: Last but not the least is the cost. Compare the products wisely. Features matter a lot but the cost is also an important factor. So a cleaner which offers more features in lesser cost can be an amazing one for your house.

In short, buying a cleaner is a onetime investment. So, before stepping into the market, you must have an idea of these basic points. These points will really help you in making a right decision.

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