Shark Rotator Brush Roll Not Working

Shark Rotator Brush Roll Not Working .

There is no doubt about the performance of Shark vacuums. They are perfectly designed to meet the cleaning needs of users. Even the Shark vacuums for pet hairs are also very popular in the market. But it is not so surprising that if your Shark rotator brush rolls stop rotating after some time of use. This is not a weird situation at all and you have no need to be panic as this problem can be fixed quite easily. There are some rare cases when the problem becomes out of control and it is challenging to address the issue otherwise …


How To Clean Engineered Wood Floors – With Easy Steps

how to clean engineered wood floor way

An engineered hardwood floor requires regular cleanliness to offer a luxurious feel underfoot and endless styling. Here we have presented a care guide that includes all the basic tips which are mandatory to maintain its shine and finish. Best Way To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors Clean With Broom Generally, loose particles of dirt and small stones can stuck into wood floors, so the first thing that you have to  do is, use a soft – bristled broom to sweep the dirt and collect it into a dust pan and dispose it off properly. If some pieces of dust remain on …


Dyson Vacuum Won’t Turn On – Why And How To Fix IT

Dyson vacuum won't turn on s

There is no doubt about the Dyson vacuums as they have changed the entire history of vacuum industry with their matchless and trend setting features. Whether they are bag less, bagged, upright or canister, they are just an amazing tool for cleaning. But keep in mind one thing that nothing in this world can be perfect. Things may get out of order due to many reasons. They may create problem for you sometimes so same is the case with Dyson vacuums. There are the chances that your Dyson cleaner may stop working or does not get on. Some people instantly …


Shark Vacuum Motor Reset – When Need To Change And How To Change

how to reset Shark Vacuum Motor FI

Vacuum industry is flourishing by leaps and bounds and it has amazed the people with bundles of breath taking cleaning gadgets. Every passing day brings more brands in this field. So it is really getting hard to choice the right one cleaner for your home or work place. But there are many of people among us who still love the Shark vacuums. They still believe that other cleaners cannot compete with Shark ones. And in a sense it is right. They are light in weight and they perform very well on different types of surfaces. So still a strong liking …


iRobot Roomba Won’t Charge – Why And How To Fix It

irobot Roomba Won’t Charge

At present when everybody is having a busy life, it is definitely difficult for you to spend much time on cleaning and vacuuming. So keeping in view the needs of users, robotic vacuums had been introduced. Although multiple robotic vacuums are serving the people in the best possible way but we cannot overlook the performance of Roomba vacuums. Robotic vacuums of Roomba series are just awesome. They are an ideal cleaning gadget that can solve your cleaning tasks in no time. All the models of this series are worth buying no doubt. But sometimes it happens that your Roomba vacuum …


How to Use Vacuum Cleaner Attachments – Simple Guide

How to use vacuum cleaner attachments

A vacuum cleaner is an ideal tool that helps perform cleaning task in no time. But the most amazing thing about these cleaners is that a lot of attachments are provided in addition to the basic product to aid different types of cleaning tasks. Normally it is difficult for a lay man to understand that how to use these attachments. So here we will discuss step by step that how you can use different vacuum cleaner attachments to get the good results in your cleaning sessions. Some of The Basic and Most Common Attachments #1. Crevice tool:Crevice tool has an …