How to Use Vacuum Cleaner Attachments – Simple Guide

A vacuum cleaner is an ideal tool that helps perform cleaning task in no time. But the most amazing thing about these cleaners is that a lot of attachments are provided in addition to the basic product to aid different types of cleaning tasks.

How to use vacuum cleaner attachments

Normally it is difficult for a lay man to understand that how to use these attachments. So here we will discuss step by step that how you can use different vacuum cleaner attachments to get the good results in your cleaning sessions.

Some of The Basic and Most Common Attachments

#1. Crevice tool:Crevice tool has an angled tip and due to its thin shape, it can access corners and tight spaces easily. This is the most common attachment that is provided with the vacuum cleaners.crevice toolYou can use crevice tool around the vents or radiators, along bed boards, between sofa cushions and even it can be used in many more ways depending upon the requirement of your needs.

#2. Dusting brush: This is another useful attachment that is provided with the vacuums. It is round in shape and it is equipped with soft but long bristles. dusting brushUsers can use this attachment to remove dust from windowsills, frames, book racks, blinds and lampshades and it works amazingly.In case, if your cleaner offers the feature of variable suction then you can use this dusting brush with vacuum for more delicate tasks.

#3. Upholstery Tool: This is a flat headed attachment that contains stiff bristles. upholstery toolThis is an ideal attachment for clearing dust from cushions, sofas, chairs and mattresses. Users can clean any fabric covered area with the help of this small attachment.

#4. Extension wand: Cleanliness of hard to reach places like high ceilings, behind the appliances places, corners etc. is the biggest challenge for the house owners. They seem worried about the cleanliness of these areas but extension wand has an ability to resolve all these cleaning issues. extension wandExtension wand allows the cleanliness of all these hard to reach places. Even you can pick up a light weight thing too that you have dropped at a spot and you feel that it is hard to retrieve. Just cover the wand with a nylon pantyhose and make it secure with some rubber band. Now you can use this tool to get back your dropped item.

 Extra or Additional Attachments

Above we have mentioned the four basic attachments that are provided by the manufacturers. Now we will discuss some additional attachments that are the part of some high-end upright or canister vacuums. These are as follow:

  • Motorized brush head: This large attachment has a built-in rotating brush that mainly helps to clean the rugs and carpets. In some canister vacuums, there is an option to switch off the rotation so you can use it on bare floors too.
  • Bare floor brush: Bare floor brush is a vacuum attachment that has short and stiff bristles. It helps to remove fine grit and dust from tiles and hardwoods.
  • Turbo brush: This attachment is quite similar to motorized brush head but it is small in size. It is compact in size and it has rotating bristles so it can be easily used on stairs. It is an ideal attachment for deep cleaning of car interiors, cushions, mattresses etc.
  • Mattress attachment: The purpose of this attachment is to remove allergens and dust from the mattresses. In some models, this attachment is different in size and shape. Some mattress attachments have extra width and textured pads too that helps to perfectly perform the mattress cleaning tasks.
  • Ceiling fan and blind attachment: This attachment is used to clean the blades of ceiling fans and between the blinds.
  • Floor attachment: This is generally a large brush that is used for cleaning the hard floors. You can use this attachment at a place where you feel that wheeling of vacuum is quite difficult. But you cannot use this attachment much in a typical home where there are hard floors everywhere.
  • Pet groomers: There are many people who love to have pets like dogs and cats at their homes. But they are also concerned about the pet hairs. So with the help of vacuum, you can not only clean the favorite perch of your pup but also you can vacuum your pet with this pet groomer attachment. But it is only possible if your pet does not freak out with the noise of your vacuum.

In short, vacuum cleaner attachments have been designed to facilitate the cleaning tasks on daily basis. But there are many people who in fact don’t know exactly what to do with these extra accessories and often don’t use it. But now with the help of this guide, you can use these attachments efficiently and forget about the dust in any corner of your house.

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