Why do cats ride Roombas – Like Vibrations, Transportation and More

cats ride Roombas=

If you own a cat, you must be ready to clinch cat hair on carpet or floor, remains of food from a mid – afternoon nibble and somehow scattered particles of kitty waste lashed out from the trash can. There is no doubt that many cat owners have bought the Roomba to simplify their vacuuming task but the other fact that cannot be ignored is that cats  enjoy the ride of Roomba too. The main question that arises in your mind is what cats find in Roombas and why do they love to have a thrilling ride through vacuums. The … READ MORE

Shark Rotator Vacuum Won’t Turn on – Why and How To Fixed

Shark Rotator Vacuum Won't Turn on Im

All around the world, Shark vacuum are known for their efficient cleaning. Here one thing is more important to mention that they are not only efficient but also they are pocket friendly vacuum and they do not cost much to your budget. This is the key reason behind their popularity. But sometimes you need to open your heart for the problems too that are shown by these vacuums. This is a stage where most of the people feel worried and they consider that they should buy a new one for their home. But people you need to be patient. If … READ MORE

How To Use Shop Vac For Water Pump

how to use shop vac for water pump FP

Shop vacuums can be utilized for variety of purposes. The most common question that people ask is how to suck up liquids like water, soda, urine, wine, feces or any other liquid with the help of a shop vacuum. So, here we are with a detailed answer and I am sure, it would be really helpful to resolve your issues regarding water pumping through shop vacuums. Just keep one thing in your mind, if you want to use shop vacuum for water sucking, you need to adjust its position. The main reason behind this is that the process of sucking … READ MORE

How to Empty Roomba – Simple And Easy Guide For You

How to Empty Roomba Vac

Generally, it is not a difficult job to operate a vacuum cleaner but at the same time, it is very important to know, how to clean the filter or dust bin of that cleaner. Roomba vacuum cleaners are well appreciated all around the globe due to their efficiency and performance. If you have purchased this vacuum for the very first time and you have used it several times for cleaning, so this is the right time to empty the bin that is full of dirt. Let Us Discuss, How To Go Through The Process of Emptying Roomba No doubt, there … READ MORE

Shark Rotator Brush Roll Not Working

Shark Rotator Brush Roll Not Working .

There is no doubt about the performance of Shark vacuums. They are perfectly designed to meet the cleaning needs of users. Even the Shark vacuums for pet hairs are also very popular in the market. But it is not so surprising that if your Shark rotator brush rolls stop rotating after some time of use. This is not a weird situation at all and you have no need to be panic as this problem can be fixed quite easily. There are some rare cases when the problem becomes out of control and it is challenging to address the issue otherwise … READ MORE

How To Clean Engineered Wood Floors – With Easy Steps

how to clean engineered wood floor way

An engineered hardwood floor requires regular cleanliness to offer a luxurious feel underfoot and endless styling. Here we have presented a care guide that includes all the basic tips which are mandatory to maintain its shine and finish. Best Way To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors Clean With Broom Generally, loose particles of dirt and small stones can stuck into wood floors, so the first thing that you have to  do is, use a soft – bristled broom to sweep the dirt and collect it into a dust pan and dispose it off properly. If some pieces of dust remain on … READ MORE