Why do cats ride Roombas – Like Vibrations, Transportation and More

If you own a cat, you must be ready to clinch cat hair on carpet or floor, remains of food from a mid – afternoon nibble and somehow scattered particles of kitty waste lashed out from the trash can. There is no doubt that many cat owners have bought the Roomba to simplify their vacuuming task but the other fact that cannot be ignored is that cats  enjoy the ride of Roomba too. The main question that arises in your mind is what cats find in Roombas and why do they love to have a thrilling ride through vacuums. The answer is amazingly simple. Vacuum cleaners offer everything a cat would ever imagine in a transporting service.

Why do cats ride Roombas

Easy Transportation

Mainly, it is fun for cats to move around without having to walk. A Roomba includes a perfect package of being lifted up and carried to somewhere else without the actual fatigue of being picked up from the ground and carried to other places without any human being.

The cats do not think humanly, no doubt roombas are particularly designed for cleaning but what cats do believe is, a vacuum cleaner is a giant sized , huge car that can take them from one area to another without any hurdle and they can visit the entire house.

Naturally, cats are living creatures and they have an utter desire to discover their personal space. According to cats, when the Roomba moves in the house, it is exactly doing the same thing what they do.

Being The Boss

Being the boss is the best feeling that everyone enjoys and cats are not behind in this race of bossism. As far as, cats are concerned when they sit on the top of a Roomba, they secure a position of supremacy.

Some cats get confused when they travel through vacuums and they have a strong desire to maintain their balance and control.

By having on the top of the Roomba, cats take the factual and allegorical high ground which will support them to be more comfortable with it.

On the other hand, if your cat is not happy with your Roomba and scared of its ride, you can make him relaxed by talking to your Roomba in a strict and strong voice pretending that you have a full command over it and then shift your tone from harsh to gentle to assure your cat that she is in safe hands. This can enhance your cat’s sense of dominance.

Cats are so adorable pets that really like to have a nap in your lap. This is so because they like to stay at a warm place that provides comfort to them. And same is the case with the Roomba cleaners. When you use this vacuum for cleaning, it burns the battery and makes the cleaner a bit warm.

This warm cleaner attracts the attentions of cats so they like to sit and ride on these Roomba cleaners. They can have even naps for hours easily on these cleaners.

Cats Like Vibrations

Noise is not a big deal for many cats. They like the vibration or sound while having a ride on these vacuums during cleaning session. Cats generally have a fluffy skin so they like to enjoy this soothing massage. It provides them a comfort and they feel quite well with this massage.

For some cats, the vibration or noise is like a music that keeps them calm for a longer time. In some cases, cats are quite sensitive to noise like the car rides. But in case of Roomba cleaners, they feel good while having a ride.

Cats have a very friendly nature. They get used to new things in a very less time. This habit proves very useful in this case too. As you start using Roomba in your home, cats pay attention to this new activity and in no time they become habitual with them.

This friendly nature allows them to go and sit on these cleaners without any worry. With the passage of time, these cleaners become an ideal place of sitting for cats.

Sometimes, cats see Roomba as a threatening device and they can attack the cleaner while it is entering into their area.  When Roomba is motionless, they can chomp on the bristles and even tear them off.

In this situation, the best option is to restrict the access of cats towards Roomba while it is not working and when no one is around to take care of Roomba.

Once, brushes are broken, obviously, you have to bear the consequences.  You will have to spend some extra money on its maintenance. So always keep this point in your mind.

Last but not least, you must have seen many interesting YouTube videos regarding cats having fun with Roombas but there are many cats that do not appreciate the presence of Roombas around.

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