iRobot Roomba 650 vs 690 – Smart Robotic vacuum in 2019

In market, you will find dozen of manufacturers who claim to facilitate users with the best robotic vacuums for multiple cleaning tasks.

Roomba 650 vs 690

In advertisements, generally high performing and durable products are presented but in actual sometimes they are poorly built and do not work properly.But it is a single side of story.

There are many products in market that are actually serving the users in a right way. Their functions speak louder than their claims. iRobot is a company that aims to serve its users with the branded and reliable products.

It has introduced so many robotic vacuums that have been successful in satisfying the cleaning needs of the people. Among these best selling robotic vacuums, name of Roomba 650 vs 690 is quite prominent.Roomba 650 and 690 are the smart floor cleaner and they are the reliable and powerful products that have satisfied thousands of customers.

Side By Side Comparison Chart of Roomba 650 and 690

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Comparison of Roomba 650 VS 690

Here we will try to compare Roomba 650 VS 690 for the understanding of our customers on the basis of some valid points. In the end, you will be able to decide that which one is best for you.

#1. Set up

At present, we are living in a modern world where everybody likes to have gadgets and smart products. Users find it hard to spend hours on reading manuals or surfing internet for set up guidance. In case of Roomba 650 and 690, both the products share an identical set up process because they are the part of 600 series edition.

For both products, users need to spend just 5 to 10 minutes for set up process. It is quite easy to set up these robotic vacuums and process is same so here we will explain this process shortly for our customers.

  • Take out dock and make it plug in.
  • In battery, there is a yellow sticking so take out this yellow plastic sticking.
  • Start charging your robotic vacuum with the help of dock. Once it is charged fully then you can use it easily.

When it comes to Roomba 690, users can download the mobile app of this product for guidance but remember Roomba 650 does not offer this facility. Both of the products offer well written manuals. Users can also visit the support team of iRobots as they offer excellent customer care services. So according to set up prospective, it is easy to set both of the products.

#2. Design

In this fast moving world, everybody likes a smart home product with the beautiful design. Users that like to buy smart home products, they also like beautifully designed and eye catching products. Devices that look cool with the interior of homes and offices are the first priority of buyers. So design matters a lot. Now let us talk about the designs of Roomba 650 and 690.

Roomba 650:  Roomba 650 has been all time favorite robotic vacuum of users and it has marked the status of best seller product too. This is a beautifully designed product and users prefer to buy this product mainly due to its looks. This is a smart and elegant floor cleaner that people desire to have in their homes.

It does not only look elegant but also it draws the attention of people when it is placed on the floor. This is a sleek product and its weight is just 11.7 pounds. This is a well sized product and it helps to clean the hard to reach parts of our homes.

Roomba 690: Roomba 690 is another amazing product that has been recently introduced in the market. This smart floor cleaner has greatly attracted the attention of buyers because it offers promising features. Roomba 690 has truly changed the position of robotic vacuums on the market. This product has an elegant design that offers silver finishing. This sleek product can easily access the hard to reach places due to its pretty good dimensions. This product is just 3.7 inches tall.

So when we compare Roomba 650 with 690, we can say that Roomba 690 has a slight edge over Roomba 650 in designing.

#3. Features of Roomba 650 vs 690

Robotic vacuums are the first preference of the buyers because they offer great features. Both of the products Roomba 650 and 690 offer some unique features. Let us have a look on these two amazing robotic vacuums one by one.

Features of Roomba 650
  • This product offers auto docking.
  • 3 stage cleaning system allows the deeper cleaning of trickiest parts.
  • It features auto adjustment and self recharging.
  • Convenient scheduling is possible with this product.
  • This smart floor cleaner offers virtual wall technology.
  • Battery life of this product is amazing.
  • It is quite easy to operate this product.
  • This product comes with a built in spinning side brush that greatly helps in cleaning.
Features of Roomba 690
  • Roomba 690 offers 3 stage cleaning system like Roomba 650.
  • You can download the mobile app of Roomba 690 and you can control it with your smart phone.
  • This smart cleaner provides the option of Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • This is an auto rechargeable product.
  • Spot cleaning is quite easy with the help of this product.
  • Feature of Virtual wall technology is also introduced in this product.
  • IAdapt Responsive Navigation is the promising feature.
  • Convenient scheduling is also allowed.
  • This is an Amazon Alexa-enabled product.

So both of the products offer amazing features but we can see that Roomba 690 is a bit enhanced version of 600 series edition. In actual, it has been designed on the platform of Roomba 650 but it offers more power and features in comparison to Roomba 650.

Users prefer Roomba 690 because this is an amazing smart floor robotic cleaner with the reasonable price. Other robotic vacuums with the same features are quite expensive.

#4. Performance

Feature of performance plays a key role, when you enter in a market to buy a smart floor cleaner. This is a onetime investment because you would not like to spend again and again on these cleaners. So here we will compare the performance of Roomba 650 and 690 for the better understanding of our readers.

Roomba 650: Roomba 650 was tested in a room that has the dimensions of 16*20. It took an hour to clean the room and its dustbin was full. It needs the charging of 1 ½ hour. When we talk about the performance of a smart floor cleaner, we need to check the style or process of cleaning that it utilizes.

So in case of Roomba 650, we can say that it is not so advanced robotic cleaner and it makes some trouble. Style of random cleaning can be cited as the major drawback of this product.This smart cleaner cannot decide that which area needs more or less cleaning. It may need to clean the same spots again and again and consume so much battery. So it takes more time for cleaning.

Roomba 690: Same test was repeated with the Roomba 690 in a same room and with the same conditions. It did excellent job but it also caused some issues that were slightly irritating.This product comes with great built-in sensing abilities that make this model outstanding. This product has some issues too like it does not perfectly work on the edges of rugs.

It also makes troubles while returning to its dock base. But the actual cleaning work of this product is quite amazing. This is a much better product and it beats the Roomba 650 in performance.

#5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Roomba 650 and 690

Advantages of Roomba 650
  • Three stage cleaning system
  • Easy to use
  • Auto docking
  • Auto docking
  • Virtual Wall technology
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Smart cleaning
  • Not a noisy product
  • Smart schedule
Disadvantages of Roomba 650
  • Feature of Wi-Fi is not available
  • No Google and Amazon Alexa Assistant integrations
  • Longer charging time.
  • Weak user experience
Advantages of Roomba 690
  • Offers Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Very good battery life
  • Run with the help of Mobile app
  • Three stage cleaning
  • 5x more power
  • It is affordable
  • Quiet easy to use
  • Enhanced sensors
  • Self charging
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrations
Disadvantages of Roomba 690
  • It has some navigation issues
  • Bad docking feature

#6. Cleaning Abilities

Cleaning ability of a product is quite important or to be honest the most important feature to look for. If you buy a cleaner and it cannot perform cleaning tasks perfectly then it means there is no use of your investment. So be judgmental while buying a cleaner otherwise you will not have any incentive.

Roomba 650: Roomba 650 is an amazing product that has been tested on multiple floors, rugs and carpets and it did a great job. It was also tested on split milk, dirt and dust and it performed more than our actual expectations. This product offers random cleaning style so it may ignore some spots on your floor but no issues.

When the job is done, this cleaner automatically returns to the docking station for the recharging. But you will not get a notification when its dustbin is full.

Roomba 690: This is a superb product that performs cleaning task accurately. This product can navigate itself with more proficiency. Its integration with Google and Amazon Alexa went very smoothly.It listens to the commands perfectly. Its cleaning abilities are great. It has just a problem of returning to docking base otherwise it is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is the difference between Roomba 650 and 690?

Ans: Roomba 650 and 690 both belong to same edition but Roomba 690 is sleeker than 650. It offers good dimensions so it can easily access the cleaning areas even under the low profile furniture.

#2. Which product offers the feature of Wi-Fi connectivity?

Ans: There is no feature of Wi-Fi in Roomba 650 model. Wi-Fi connectivity feature has been introduced in Roomba 690.

#3. Can we control Roomba 650 with a mobile app?

Ans: No, it cannot be controlled with a mobile app. You can download a mobile app for Roomba 690 and control it.

#4. Is Roomba performing well on all type of floors?

Ans: Yes, you can use these smart floor cleaners for all type of floors and they work amazingly.

#5. What are the dimension of Roomba 650 and 690?

Ans: The dimensions of roomba 650 are 13.4*3.6*13.4 inches whereas the dimensions of Roomba 690 are 13*13*3.6 inches.


Well both of the products produce good cleaning results and they have also achieved the status of best sellers. Roomba 650 is an amazing product that is not only a powerful cleaner but also it has been never failed to satisfy the people.Battery life is good and helps to clean the trickiest parts of your homes. It has a few issues like it has poor sensing abilities and spots may remain unclean.

On the other hand, there is Roomba 690 that has been built on the platform of Roomba 650 but it offers more advanced features. Wi-Fi connectivity is possible and it is a sleek smart floor cleaner that can easily go under your low profile furniture. It has one or two issues too like faulty docking feature but it works perfectly fine for cleaning.

So in a nut shell Roomba 650 VS 690, Roomba 690 is definitely a better product then the 650. Its features are more advanced and flexible.

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